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 Farhad wrote  

Dear Ali:  

Your arguments are just that, arguments! There is no way to prove or disprove your theories as the passage of time makes all claims on both sides ‘suspects’ at best. For every document you produce I am sure there is another one diametrically different from yours showing just the opposite.  

There are no eyewitnesses to your claims and no victims alive that can give credence to events as you portray them.  

Faith freedom is the name of your website, it seems the "freedom" only apply to religion of the day as you seem fit.  

One must wonder with your name being Ali why you have become so outraged and have adapted such a venomous anti Islam attitude? As I am sure your parents and grand parents were kind and respectful Muslims?  


Hello Farhad  

Yes my parents and grandparents were/are kind and respectful people and I am just as kind and respectful as they are. But truth is still truth. It is not as relative and subjective as you make it sound. When prosecutors accuse someone of a crime, he is either guilty or he is not. Yes both sides present their arguments and counter arguments but at the end the jury is called to pass a verdict based on the evidences presented.  

I have presented my evidence. I am inviting Muslims to present theirs and counter my arguments. If there is no response, then the verdict is clear. But there have been many responses. Just look in the debates page and see the forum. As it happens, those responses are not convincing.  

Believe me, truth is real. It is not all in human fancies.  

Please join the forum. There are many ex-Muslims which you could discuss these points.  

Kind regards  

Ali Sina  

Good morning Ali:  

Shortly after receiving your e mail last night, I decided to take a journey through your website faithfreedom.org  

Your hard work and determination, combined with your faith in the subject matter, your conviction and your thought process' are indeed very impressive. It is very obvious that you are very bright, educated and a hard worker that has put in a vast amount of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention financial resources to work in order to convey your messages to the masses. 

For all of the above reasons you are to be congratulated! I believe that puts you in the top one percent of a very few select group of people around the world that can make a difference for the better or for the worse in the lives of perhaps millions of people. 

In the stock market world, one must always look at the end result of a trade before taking a position in a particular stock in order to have a chance of winning. My question to you is this: 

What if you were truly right in your perception of the events that allegedly took place more than a thousand years ago? What if Mohammed was found to be guilty and convicted in the world court of all charges and the next morning headlines around the world made people aware of his conviction and your winning the case? What then? 

The realities of life are that nearly most Muslims the world over are in desperate dire situations, poor, uneducated, certainly far behind in times with respect to the things that you and I are accustom to in the western world. They have been subject to massive brain washing over a thousand years and you and I combined don't have enough time left in this life time to convert or to change their beliefs, creating and setting a path that they could follow to a better life, to freedom, to prosperity and the attainment of true happiness. 

 I believe you have good intentions, good motives, and I can see where you are heading with your goals and ambitions. You are spending and have dedicated your life to a cause or shall we say to a war. With all due respect, If I were your advisor I would suggest to you that you are right in fighting, but you are fighting the wrong war! 

With all that you have going for you I believe your resources could be put in to better use if you were fighting the current enemies of Islam for their barbaric rules and lawlessness. People that are causing destruction around the world, and are responsible for the misery of Muslims the world over. 

For that you have many targets to choose from. You can start from the desert of Saudi Arabia and its kingdom to the Mullahs, Sultans and dictators in the middle east, Persian Gulf and the dotted Islands in those God forsaken regions. Exposing rulers that are pulling the string behind the curtains and are direct causes of massive inhumanity in the world of Islam. 

Rest assured that you are not going to be dealing with naive rulers. These people have been around every step of the way in the chain reaction of events that have been taken place in the last fifty years. 

About twenty or thirty years ago my father who was president of his labor union (the bakery business in Shiraz ) was summoned to the then Governor's office. Basically the Governor wanted kickback for every ton of grain that the Government sold to the union. My father told him that if he were able to accept a smaller amount of kickbacks then the bakery shop owners could also make a profit. That statement made the governor angry and slapped my father and had him arrested on the spot and sent to a village in the hot desert close to no where man land under very harsh conditions for over two years. 

 Guess who was there under house arrest in the same house for other charges? The current spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomenie. He had been sent there by the then government of Iran for what ever reason to keep him out of sight. 

Now you appreciate and realize the animosity and the determination of these people goes back a long way, has deep roots, and they will never let go of power that they enjoy now without a good fight. 

I very respectfully decline your invitation to join the anti Islam movement as I believe it is not Islam that is the root of the problem, it is people wearing an Islamic mask operating in the shadowy world of deceit and trickery that we should be fighting. 

Best regard; 


 Dear Farhad,  

You blame everything on the corrupt rulers. I see the corruption of the rulers as the symptom of a yet bigger problem that has infected the mind and the soul of all the Muslims.  

Effectively what we need is democracy, freedom of expression, equality of rights for all the citizens, women, men, religious minorities, etc. The injustice that your father experienced and the injustice that millions of Muslims suffer, come from their rulers. But the problem is rooted somewhere else. Their poverty is also partially the responsibility of their corrupt rulers (I say partially because part of that has to do with their own religion-induced laziness and unproductivity). The problem is that their psyche has no place for democracy, equality and freedom of thought. Even if you fight and remove one despotic set of rulers, the others that follow would be just as dictatorial and abusive as the ones you ousted. Can you show me one free and prosperous Islamic country in these 1400 years of Islamic domination? When I ask this question, some Muslims have the chutzpa of naming America as the only good example of a true Islamic country. No kidding! Why there is no democracy, freedom and prosperity in any Islamic country? The reason is that Islam is not compatible with democracy. As long as Islam has its hold over the minds of the people, democracy will have no chance to take root in Muslim countries. So instead of fighting the symptoms, I fight the cause of the problem.  

Look at the Sharia that the Muslims so eagerly want to establish in their countries. It is not compatible with democracy. It is unfair to women and to minorities and it disallows freedom of thought. Under Sharia you can’t apostatize. You can’t freely disagree with parts or all of Islam. The effect of that is legitimization of religious dictatorship. If the Mullahs flog a person who has drunk a glass of bear, they do that because this is Islamic law. If they beat women for exposing a flock of hair, they do that because of Sharia. If women and minorities are treated like second class citizens, this has nothing to do with the rulers. This is Islam. So an Islamic country is a free country to the extent that it does not follow Islam.  

I see the problem very clearly. The misery of the Muslims is due to the lack of democracy and freedom and that is the direct result of Islam.  

Now you say I won’t be able to convince everyone. That is true, but I am not intending to convince everyone. All I hope to do is to start a little fire. That is the difficult part. But once it starts I do not have to do anything. It will grow under its own strength until it burns and consumes all the ignorance that has grown during these 1400 years and will render the minds fertile for a new growth. That is what farmers do. They burn the weeds so the land becomes ready for seeding. Considering the abject misery and poverty in Islamic countries and the rise of Islamic Terrorism, I think time is ripe and wind is blowing in the right direction. All I have to do is to convince two people and each of those two, to convince two more and so on so forth. You may think the eradication of a major religion is impossible but really it is not. All you need to break through the darkest night is a little lamp. But behold we have the sun rising. Islam will be demolished much sooner than what you think. Since Islam is total darkness, its extinction is much easier.  

First step is the delegitimization of Islam. This is happening as you read these words. Faithfreedom.org and hundreds of sites like this are doing their job and their number is on the rise. Soon the ugliness of Islam will be exposed to all and sundry. This will cause a halt to Islamic expansionism. Muslims are essentially triumphalists. Their favorite argument and the confirmation of their faith come from the bogus claim that “Islam is the fastest growing religion”. Once it becomes clear, even to the diehard Islamists that Islam is not growing and this is only an old lie rehashed to the extent that it is believed as true, they will be demoralized enough to put in backburner their imperialistic ambitions and start working to improve their shattered image. But that would be a difficult thing to do because this time truth can’t be hidden. Internet makes a huge difference. The truth about Islam is readily available at the fingertip of everyone. Would anyone want to follow a child molester, robber and prophet pretender? You can indoctrinate your child or grandchild in Islam as much as you want, but you can’t stop him from checking out the facts by himself on the Internet? His non-Muslim peers will put him under pressure to check out the facts too. The truth of Islam will be universally known. Your grandchildren will start reading faithfreedom.org and thousands of other sites like this in their own languages and will come to you for answer. You’ll have none. Eventually it will become clear that your love towards Islam is not based on any logic but is merely emotional and is a relic of your upbringing and childhood indoctrination. They lovingly discard you as a brainwashed person and move on with their lives and without your Islamic hangover. They’ll love you for who you are but they’ll rely on their own rational thinking and will abandon Islam.  

My track record of success is promissing. Why I keep doing it? It’s because I see the result. I see I am making a difference. It feels good to contribute to the world in a positive way and leave a trace of yourself beyond. If my efforts can make people see the stupidity of Islam, and this in turn allows them to fashion their lives and their governments without the nefarious influence of Islam, build progressive countries and live better, I have done my share. I have left my imprint. My life in this world has not been in vain. So it’s encouraging. I see the result. I feel good about it. I will continue to leave centuries after my body is dead, in the laughter and joy of millions of people. Because I lived, less people will suffer injustice, less people will endure poverty, more people will be able to live freely without the shackles of ignorance around their brain. No one will remember my name but I will continue to live in the happiness of mankind. That is what keeps me going. This is what gives me strength.  

Muhammad enslaved people’s minds and also their bodies. He brought pain and misery and enriched himself with the stolen wealth of his thousands of victims. I live a simple life, not without sacrifices. But I free people from the bondage of their minds. I bring joy and happiness to their lives. I expect nothing in return. I am not asking anyone to wage war for me, murder innocent people and bring me a fifth of the stolen booty like Muhammad did. I do not give false promises of an orgiastic paradise in exchange of blind obedience and murder of innocent people. I will succeed. My mission will succeed. I am not the only one. We are many and our number is growing fast. We are succeeding. The victory will on our side because we are on the side of the truth.  

But this is just the beginning. As I said, many more sites like faithfreedom.org are burgeoning across the cyber world. Our success is yet to come; this is just the begging of the day. Let me say this in our own beautiful language.  

Bash ta sobh-e dowlatat bedamad, kin hanooz az natayej-e sahar ast.    

And one last thing! I do not divide the people on the line of Muslim/non-Muslim. To me human beings are human beings. This concept is alien to Muslim. I see even those who say do not believe in Islam still have not their Islamic identity. They take it personal when, say a Palestinian terrorist’s home is demolished but not too much bothered when Jews are killed. If a few Muslim terrorists are mistreated while in American custody, they get really offended, but you hear not a squeak from them when 60,000 innocent Sudanese are massacred by Arab human traders. That is my first advice to you and to everyone. THINK HUMAN. Yes think of yourself and of every person you see as human and not as Muslim vs. Kafir. If you can’t do that, if you still think of “Muslims brothers”. There are still miles for you to go to become a human. When Muhammad was inculcating his followers with the fascistic concept of only Muslims are brothers to each other, the illustrious humanist, your fellow citizen Sa’di was teaching:  

"Human beings are all members of one body.
They are created from the same essence.
When one member is in pain,
The others cannot rest.
If you do not care about the pain of others,
You do not deserve to be called a human being."

It is a shame to not heed to the words of Sa'di and follow a crazed Arab of the seventh century. We Iranians are a miserable people. We have forsaken our own great humanistic tradition and follow a psychopath of Arabia. Is there any humiliation greater than this? 





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