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From Bakkah

I just recently came across your web site and can whole-heartedly say that it is one of the most stupid sites I have ever seen.  The title you use – rational thinking, is total double speak.  Whatever books you have read trying to refute Islam are total idiocy, and baseless, plus everything you post is out of context.  You seem to have a great hatred for Muslims. And you keep saying you don’t hate? “the Quran is a hoax, every sentence is false” those are really so loving statements!

Ali Sina:



And partially quoted verses to prove your twisted point!  I am here not to take your challenge and convince you of anything or to defend those Muslims who have wronged you in the past, but as a Muslim, to give some lost souls that happen to run across your web site, God help them, a Muslim’s perspective on your ranting and ravings. 

You are most welcome to do so and I will publish all you say. I wonder why no Islamic site ever publishes a sentence of mine or do not make a link to sites with opposing views on Islam. Don’t you think this is the sign of weakness? Obviously they are afraid that our logic might be superior to theirs. Muslims are right only when no other opinion is allowed. No wonder they kill the dissidents and burn the books that speak against Islam.  

BTW no Muslim has wronged me personally. I only cry out the pain of other victims of Islam who mostly happen to be Muslims.



You say you were a Muslim and hate the Quran now.  I really don’t care what you were or are now, but anyone with such hate, as is within you, I and most people find it hard to believe that whatever you say is truthful. 

As a mater of fact I do not have any hate in my heart. The reason I speak out against Islam is because it is a hatemongering doctrine. To hate hateful doctrines is to love people. 



You say “poor people breed more”  that is a 100 % racial slur, because I understand that to be meaning those of color.  Even if you yourself are non white, to be saying such a stupid statement shows your true colors.   

Obviously you have very weird reasoning. So in your vocabulary poverty is synonymous to people of color. Hmm!… That is interesting.   



You have some infatuation of poverty being the yardstick as to how a nation is doing.  But there is no virtue in wealth.  Christians say that the meek shall inherit the earth.   

Obviously it is not me who is “infatuated” with poverty but you. These nonsense talk that the “meek shall inherit the earth” was intended to make the poor feel better while it offered no solution to end their miseries. There is nothing glorious about poverty. Poverty is a curse that must be eliminated. As responsible human beings we have to fight against ignorance that ultimately is responsible for poverty, educate people promote science and increase knowledge to get rid of poverty. Poverty is an insult to humanity. It is a child of ignorance. If all Islamic countries are poor (wealth generated by oil does not count) it is because Islam fosters ignorance. If I fight to eradicate Islam, it is because I desire to see my people and your people prosper and become wealthy like the rest of the secular world. 


Wealth or power are all God given and His timeframe is not yours or my timeframe.  What nation in history has lasted in wealth for eternity?  Every empire has its downfall.  Wealth and power are all a test, and everyone’s test is different.  Some are tested by wealth, and some by poverty.  Only God knows and rules this realm.  You seem to know so much that you are making judgments about everything right and left about everybody.

Precisely this is the kind of ignorance I am talking about that perpetuates poverty amongst our people. Wealth and power are not “God-given”. They are the result of work, planning and knowledge. As long as our people are not told how to go after wealth and as long as they believe is these mumbo jumbo that wealth is god-given they will dig deeper and deeper in poverty. “God’s timeframe?” What an absurdity! If our people are poor today and their children die of malnutrition and lack of proper hygiene, what good does it make to them if a thousand or ten thousand years from now God would mysteriously make them wealthy by showering over their heads golden nuggets? Those statements are the essence of ignorance that has kept our people backwards. “Only God knows” eh?  This is how you have kept people under the yoke of ignorance. The answer to why Muslims are poor while every one else is making money is because we are kept in ignorance, because we are unproductive, because we waste our time learning useless subjects such as fiqh and sharia instead of learning useful sciences such as physics, biology and chemistry. I was amazed when I heard my cousin who is an engineer educated in Iran still believes in the nonsense of creation and Adam and Eve. We are poor because instead of working we waste our time five times a day praying to a paranoid and narcissist deity that does not exist except in our imagination that loves to be adulated. We are poor because one month in each year we fast and therefore become too lazy to work property. This is why we are poor. You don’t have to ask Allah to tell you why. We can overcome our poverty once we overcome our ignorance and you don’t have to wait for Allah to intervene either.


And when you respond to me, please do not simply post some link as an answer.  Be a man and spell out your response so everyone can see what a warped mind you truly have. And please don’t cut and paste this, lets take this entire conservation to the public in totality.

A sus ordenes! 


From going through some of your site, I do have to commend you that when you quote some passage from the Quran, you quote the translation correctly, but you never quote it in its entirety.  It is your own response to the translation though that is seething with hate and misinformation.  The truth will surely rise to the top.

What escaped your attention is that all my quotes of the Quran are hyperlinked. If you click on them they will take you to three translations of Quran online where you can read as much “context” as you wish and check out the truth on your own.  



First point of matter is the belief in God is the pre-requisite of faith.  The belief that God exists cannot be proven or disproven.  One must simply believe. 

This is such an intelligent statement. A believer of Santa Clause could also use the same argument. The truth is that the onus of proof is on the person who claims the existence of something not on the one who denies it. If I tell you that dragons exist, I must prove it to you. You don’t have to disprove anything. However as it happens in this case and because of great interest on the subject many freethinkers have already disproved the existence of God. If you care you can read my proofs in this link. (Okay, don’t click on it. I remember you do not like links)  



And those that believe, can see Allah’s signs everywhere, those without believe will not be able to see anything, even if it is staring them in the face. 

Could it be that this god that only the believers see is the product of imagination and self-suggestions? You know, human mind is a very powerful thing. It can make up any world you can imagine of. Could it be that you are just hallucinating like under the influence of a drug? You must have heard Marx who said, “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. So to differentiate the truth from the falsehood and the real from fantasy I rather use reason and not blind faith. There are so many people believing is so many absurdities, which one is the right belief to choose? Why should I believe in Muhammad’s Allah and not in the Inca’s Manitu? If reason is out of question and one has to just believe, I want to know why should I believe in one god and not the other? There are thousands of beliefs in the world, which one should I choose and why? I want an answer. Don’t ask me to believe by quoting a verse from Quran or Bible that tell me if I don’t believe I will go to hell. I am not easily intimidated by fear-mongering tactics. I want proof based on reason and logic. You see, beliefs are many, but logic is one.     



Then there is the matter of Islam being the confirmation and finalization of the other Books of Allah.  Namely the original Tawrah or Torah of the Jews and the original Injil or Bible of the Christians.  There is no other book or document to discuss this matter except for these three.  They are all related and from one source.  The Hadith is the words or actions of Prophet Muhammad, saw, and they only complement what its said in the Quran, and are to be followed with the Quran by all true Muslims.

 Who said so? What is your evidence or proof for such claim? I can prove it to you, as I have done, that these books are gibberish. They are full of errors, ridiculous and nonsense (See these articles). Do you have ANY proof that these books are from God? They are as much divine as is the book of Gilgamesh. The origin of all these books is human fantasy. It is a pity that in the 21st century some people cling to fables of one, two or four thousand years old.    


Now to you site.  

1.Those who break Allah's Covenant after it is ratified, and who sunder what Allah Has ordered to be joined, and do mischief on earth: These cause loss (only) to themselves. Quran 2.27

What problem do you have with that, it is very straightforward and clear.  You may not like to hear it, but it makes total sense.  Those that have broken God’s covenant or trust will have to pay some price, especially when they should have known better, because they were blessed with earlier Prophets and Books.  It is said that this ayah is about the disbelievers and hypocrites among the People of the Book (Christian and Jews) who broke the covenant or pledge that Allah took from them in the Tawrah to follow Muhammad, saw, when he is sent as a Prophet, and to believe in him and in what he was sent with.  The covenant was broken when the People of the Book rejected the Prophet Muhammad, saw, after they knew the truth about him and they hid this truth from people, even though they swore to Allah that they would do otherwise. 

I don’t have any problem with that verse. In fact I could say the same. “If you want to abandon reason and follow your fancies no one but you will be the loser”.   

But my problem with Muhammad is that he did not stop there. He ordered that everyone should convert to his religion and those who don’t should be killed. My problem is that he murdered many innocent people, assassinated them and gave instructions to his followers to do the same. Millions of people gave their lives because of this man’s narcissistic dreams of grandeur, power and domination.  Even today, the followers of this man are killing innocent people in Kashmir, in India, in Bangladesh, in Indonesia, in Algeria, in Nigeria, in Sudan, in Lebanon, in Israel, in Afghanistan, in Iran and in USA. Muslims are killing non-believers and they do it in the name of Allah following the teachings and the example (sunnah) of Muhammad. Aside from that verse there are hundreds of other verses that call for killing, maiming and crucifying the unbelievers. Here is a list of them.   


2. Bukhari Volume 4, Book 54, Number 445:
Narrated Abu Dhar:
The Prophet said, "Gabriel said to me, 'Whoever amongst your followers die without having worshipped others besides Allah, will enter Paradise (or will not enter the (Hell) Fire)." The Prophet asked. "Even if he has committed illegal sexual intercourse or theft?" He replied, "Even then."

This Hadith is also quite straightforward and eludes to the main substance of Belief in One God.  In all the religions of the Book, (Islam, Christianity, & Judaism)  many directives are mentioned that it is of the highest duty for mankind to believe in One God and One God only.  Even those Christians that believe their modern day Bible actually says that Jesus is the same as God or is God’s son, cannot point to any phrase where it actually says so.  The references they give time and time again only point to a far far stretch of words.  Back to the hadith, it then gives the good news for the followers of Islam - that even if a person commits a sin (such as adultery), but basically believes in One true God, and does not commits Shrik – will enter the Paradise. 

Of course it is “straightforward”. We understand the meaning of it too. The point is that this demonstrates that Allah is a psychopath. Why it should be so important to him that people worship him? Do you know the size of this universe? Let me remind you once more. It is said that light that travels at the speed of 300,000 kilometers per second takes eight minutes to travel from Sun to Earth. You make the math to calculate the distance of the Sun from the Earth. But the light takes 100,000 years to travel the span of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Can you imagine the size of the Milky Way? The scientists believe that there are about four hundred billion stars in our galaxy. Our Sun is just one of them. Can you imagine how many planets like our Earth could possibly exist in the Milky Way? Now as if this is not mind bugling imagine that it is estimated that there are about four hundred billion galaxies such as the Milky way in this universe. The size of this universe is about 15 billion light years.  

Now this universe started about 15 billion years ago by an explosion of a tiny very hot spot. This is not a theory. This is all filmed. Yes a real film, not a computer generation simulation. When you look at the sky, you don’t see the universe as is now, you look at the past. Many of those stars and galaxies that we can see today are already extinct or are no more there. Today’s powerful telescopes, like Hobble, have filmed the very early stages of the big bang.  

As if all this is not astounding, many scientists believe that there is no reason to believe that there is only one universe. They opine that the same laws that have kicked off this universe could have created other universes, of which we will never have any knowledge ever since they are out of our universe. And I dare to think that since the laws of the nature work with plentitude, perhaps there are billions or hundreds of billions of universes such as ours. Why not? The same laws that have brought this universe to happen and caused the big bang could have caused other universes to form in other places and other times. In fact it would be unreasonable to assume that there is only one universe.  

Okay, now that you have an idea of the vastness of the universe and the possibility of other universes, let us take a look at the forth dimension, the time.  As I said our universe is about 15 billion years old. For now it is expanding. One day it will come to a total halt and everything will be dark. But let us not worry about that now since the death of our universe will not take place any time soon. In fact our universe’s age if compared to the life span of a human, is not even a toddler but a newborn infant. Can this give you an idea how insignificant are we humans compared to the universe?  

Our Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and life started here about 4 billion years ago. It kept evolving and evolving until humans walked straight about a couple of million years ago and we the, Homo sapiens, came to evolve about 100,000 years ago. If you compare the age of the Earth to a high-rise of 45 stories each story representing 100 million years, the appearance of the Humans could be represented by the thickness of the paint on the rooftop of the building. So insignificant is our existence compared to the age of the Earth.  

Now the religions tell us that about six thousand years ago God decided to send his messengers to us and tell us that if we don’t recognize him as the creator of this universe, he will be offended and mad and sad and he will punish us and will send us to hell and burn us and roast us toast us and pour boiling water on us and will make us suffer for ETERNITY. Mind you, our solar system will die about five billion years from now and our universe will also come to a cold and dark end one day but Allah will still keep burning, toasting and rousting those who did not believe in him in this Earth.  

What kind of STUPID people can believe in such nonsense? Why the creator of this universe (and perhaps billions more) would be so pathetic to need us, the descendents of a bunch of African apes to worship him? How could the maker of such magnificent world be so unforgiving that would punish people for eternity? And imagine the kind of punishment that Muhammad describes.       

22:19-22; But those who deny (their Lord),- for them will be cut out a garment of Fire: over their heads will be poured out boiling water. With it will be scalded what is within their bodies, as well as (their) skins. In addition there will be maces of iron (to punish) them. Every time they wish to get away therefrom, from anguish, they will be forced back therein, and (it will be said), “Taste ye the Penalty of Burning!”


69:30-37  (The stern command will say): “Seize ye him, and bind ye him, And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire. Further, make him march in a chain, whereof the length is seventy cubits! This was he that would not believe in Allah Most High. And would not encourage the feeding of the indigent! So no friend hath he here this Day. Nor hath he any food except the corruption from the washing of wounds, Which none do eat but those in sin.”

Could any intelligent person believe in this hallucination of a mentally sick man? How can the creator of this universe be so petite? Even Saddam Hussein, Khomeini, Stalin and Hitler did not commit this much brutality. Do you really think the maker of this universe is such a psychopath? Then you wonder why Muslims are the poorest people of the world! Isn’t it obvious? Ignorant people do not have horns. They look like normal people, but they believe in nonsense such as these.    


3. (Sahih Bukhari 4.260)
Narrated Ikrima:
Ali burnt some people [hypocrites] and this news reached Ibn 'Abbas, who said, "Had I been in his place I would not have burnt them, as the Prophet said, 'Don't punish (anybody) with Allah's Punishment.' No doubt, I would have killed them, for the Prophet said, 'If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.' " 

This Hadith is clear, but need some context.  And basically it says that mankind should never punish another fellow human for whatever sin he may have commited by the use of fire.  That is, fire as punishment is the realm of God alone, and if a person deserves to be killed for some crime (such as murder, treason against Ummah) then he should not be killed by fire.  Today in America some states still allow for punishment by electric chair – and the body is actually fried or burned where it touches the electrical current devices.  In Islam, this is not allowed, but such a person should be killed another way.


Look Mr. Einstein. We all know who is Ali, the “guided” Khalifa, the commandant of the faithful, but who is Ibn Abbas? Between Ali ibn Abu Talib and Ibn Abbas who is more authoritative? 

First of all let us make it clear that “hypocrite” (monafiq) dose not mean people who commit crimes such as murder or treason. This term is applied to those who after realizing that Islam is farce decide to walk away from it. I am one of those detractors, derogatorily called by Quran a hypocrite. I actually do not think of myself to be a hypocrite but a very honest man. I have stood up for my principles when it became clear to me that Muhammad was a schizophrenic narcissist and not a prophet of God. I lost many friends and have faced many hardships because of my decision. I know that I am in danger and could one day lose my life. This hardly can be called hypocrisy. Hypocrites are those who promote beliefs that are irrational and dangerous.    

Let us assume that the meaning of Hadith is that the “hypocrites” should not be burned because this is the exclusive entertainment of Allah and they should be killed in another way, such as: 

 5:33, “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter;” 

Do you agree that people should be executed, crucified, their hands and feet chopped from opposite sides because they decide to leave Islam after finding it a false doctrine? It amazes me that you do not disagree with the content of this hadith. Your disagreement is apparently on a technicality that the apostates must not be burned but killed in other ways.   

Note that non-belief for Muhammad constituted “waging war against Allah and his Messenger” For example people like me who have never hurt a single Muslim nor intend to do so but am using my pen to expose Islam are considered as “waging war against Allah and his Messenger”. So that is the kind of punishment that I would face if I ever fall in the hands of the followers of Muhammad.   



4. 2:191, And slay them wherever ye catch them  

That was your quote! Readers please beware when anyone takes a few words from a book and makes judgment based on those alone.  The directives from Allah concerning fighting are quite complex and even / or especially modern day Muslims do not follow those directives properly.  But I can say that also for any other faith too.  War is unfair and rules many times go out the door no matter who it is.  But the beauty of Islam, is that we are guided by rules in war/fighting as in anything else.  Islam is not a matter of worship one day a week, but instead is a Total Way of Life.  And when practiced properly it leads to true peace and contentment.  The context version :

190      Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not, aggressors.

191      And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight not with them at the Inviolable Place of Worship until they first attack you there, but if they attack you (there) then slay them. Such is the reward of disbelievers.

192      But if they desist, then lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

193      And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers. 

The meaning is a directive of self defense.  A concept that every sane group or society accepts.  Fight those that fight you, but do not start the hostility. The U.S. did not want to enter WW2, but only after Japan started the hostility in Pearl Harbor, did America come full force into the war.   God does not love the aggressor.  Wow! Self defense explained in the most beautiful terms.  And once the fighting has begun, “slay them wherever you find them”  comes (of which you only quote).  And drive them out from where they originally drove you out.  When a war begins, the people are not supposed to be cowardly, but to fight the enemy “wherever they may be” such as in caves or hiding in the streets or wherever.  And if you occupied some land, of which the enemy has driven you out – such as those Muslims in Palestine or Kosovo – you have the legitimate right to defend your homeland.  Then  Allah says that if they stop the fighting, you are to stop until the threat of persecution is no more.  The directives on fighting are intense and everything must be in perspective.  This ayah (section) of the Quran was the first ayah revealed concerning fighting.  And ever since it was revealed, Prophet Muhammad, saw, used to fight only those who fought him and avoid non-combatants.   

Actually the real context (Sababe Nozul) of these verses is that Muhammad is exhorting his immigrant followers to attack Mecca telling them to fight and slay the Meccans (their own relatives and friends) if they resist them. In other words if they resort to arms to defend themselves they should be slewed. But if they surrender without fighting then their lives could be spared. This is like a bunch of gangsters raiding a village or a bank demanding the total surrender of the people warning tem, “if you surrender we do not kill you but if you fight against us we will slay you.” Perhaps to you this may sound equitable but in reality it is not. 

Muhammad justifies his attack to Mecca inciting his immigrant followers that since the Meccans drove you out your homes you have to fight and take it back. Of course Meccans did not drove the Muslims out of the town, Many Muslims faced opposition from their family members when acting on the orders of Muhammad they wanted to leave. It was like today’s cults that attract some youth and they try to leave their homes to follow the cult leader. The families of these new converts did not want their loved ones to leave. But Muhammad insisted that they should emigrate. There are many verses of Quran that corroborate this claim. This was all preplanned by Muhammad to divide and rule. There are many verses of Quran the corroborate this claim and I have written about the real motives of Muhammad in manipulating people and coursing them to leave in my responses to Ayatollah Montazeri, which you can read here.  

It is important to note once again, that “those who wage war against Allah and his messenger” is referred to those who do not accept Muhammad’s claim to prophethood. The “enemies” of Islam are not necessarily those who take arm against Muslims. Any person who resists the invitation to accept Islam is an enemy and is waging war against Allah and his messenger and should receive punishment. The following verse makes it clear that those who believe in other gods beside Allah will be punished even in this world; though their punishment is doubled in the next.  

25:68Those who invoke not, with Allah, any other god, nor slay such life as Allah has made sacred except for just cause, nor commit fornication; - and any that does this (not only) meets punishment. “(But) the Penalty on the Day of Judgment will be doubled to him, and he will dwell therein in ignominy,-  

48:29, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; and those who are with him are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other.      

In the above verse the word “qildat” is translated in English as “strong”. It actually means harsh and stern.



And another underlying factor, is that the Quran does not allow of the killing of non-military people.  Women, children, old, insane, priests, & animals are not allowed to be killed, even the burning down of trees and crops are not allowed in war. 

If so you Muhammad must have acted against the teaching of Quran in several occasions.

When the Bani Quraiza surrendered without any fight to the forces of Islam Muhammad massacred all the men and sold all the women and children as slaves and sex slaves. Rayhana, the beautiful Jewish girl became the Prophet’s share of the booty.  To separate men from the boys he inspected the pubic hair of the adolescent captives and ordered all those who had grown pubic hair be massacred and those who did not have it yet be sold as slaves. These were ordinary people. Not military men. None of them fought against Islam.  

Priests are not allowed to be killed? Where did you found this mandate? How come all the Muslims in Sudan, Philippines, Afghanistan, Kashmir or Bangladesh do not know this? How come the Christian missionaries in All Islamic countries are the first target?

Muhammad ordered the burning of the palm plantation of the Bani Nadir, another Jewish tribe resident in Medina. Since this was considered abhorrent for the Arabs he later made his Allah reveal a verse to condone this despicable act.   

“What you (O Muslims) cut down of the palm-trees (of the enemy), or you left them standing on their stems, it was by leave of Allâh.”  Q. 59: 5  



Osama bin Laden – is an example of what not to do.  He and his group are not followers of Islam or the Quran in this matter ( and many others by the way), and in the Hadith, it is mentioned that they should be stopped, even by other Muslims, as is the case of the Pakistan government which has helped America in the efforts to kill him.

On the contrary Osama bin Laden is the true Muslim. I can prove that whatever he did was based on Quran. If anyone is accusing him is denying the Quran.

Pakistan was supporting the Taliban all along until the General Musharaf realized that it is better to side with America and not with a loser. Gen. Musharaf is no fool. He knows which side the wind blows. This had nothing to do with Islam. Many Muslims in Pakistan came to the streets to express their support of bin Laden. 



The public though is very emotional and many people are not taught the true meanings of Islam, that is why education of the Quran is important.

Precisely here lies the problem. Those Muslims who know nothing or very little of the content of Quran are generally good decent people and fortunately they are the majority. But those who read the Quran and try to follow it are the terrorists and potential terrorists. I don’t say we should ban the Quran. On the contrary I propose let us study the Quran. I trust that the majority of Muslims have conscience and when they read the Quran they will realize what I realized after reading that book and walk away from Islam. It is my belief that if Muslims start reading the Quran most of them would leave it and Islam would be very much weakened. A weakened Islam is what ensures the security and peace of the world.  The intent of my site is to expose the real face of Islam and challenge the good people who are born and raised in Islamic families and go by this name to read the Quran. The reason I left Islam is because I read the Quran. I suggest write to the embassy of Saudi Arabia and solicit a free copy of the Quran. No one can ever write a book as damaging to Islam as Quran is.   



 Now OBL is not the only mass killer there ever was that killed the innocent.  Even the American army has many documented instances of the killing of the general public in past wars such as the Korean war, and the Vietnam war, where whole towns of people were killed because they were thought of collaborating with the military.    And the list here is a long long list.  But again, I mention that the Quran gives guidelines of what is allowed and what is not allowed, and if followed correctly, it fits all guidelines of moral codes no matter what religion one may have. And further the Quran mentions not to start fighting in the House of God or Mecca, but if the enemy fights you there, then you should kill them there also, another action of self defense.  “but if they cease, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Merciful.” Means if the non believers cease fighting you in the Sacred Area of Mecca, and comes to Islam and repents, then Allah will forgive them their sins, even if they had before killed Muslims in Allah’s Sacred Area.  Here Allah states that His forgiveness encompasses every sin, whatever its enormity, when the sinner repents it.


Thank you for confirming what I said. The enemy of Islam is one who does not believe in Islam. Muslims should fight against such people. But if they come to Islam and repent then they can be forgiven. In Iran hundreds of Baha’is were given this chance to come to Islam and recant and repent from being Bahais. Since they did not oblige they were tortured and executed. Though this may seem to you justice, in reality it is the acme of injustice.


Ali Sina  






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