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Hi Ali Sina 

Sarcasm and mutual insults aside, if you are really motivated by humanistic concerns, you should realize that Islam is not the enemy- It is the ONLY religion in the world that has a very strong social justice component. 

I would sincerely, without any insults or hatred towards you, point you to consider the atrocities committed by the so called "free" world in the past 200 years alone- they have killed and caused suffering to more people in these past 200 years than in the entire history of humanity possibly. I would point you to writings of Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky- they document facts well- those facts can be easily verified. Consider for example the Atlantic Slave Trade (40 million killed), the wholesale genocide of indigenous people (over 50 million killed), South America and the USA (millions killed), Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (millions killed and made homeless), support of tyrannous regimes all over the world. 

I have not written this letter to start a discussion or argument with you but for the sake of opening for you the path to see through the propaganda facade of the Western Christian nations with whom you side in attacking Islam-this is not the way to go- I approach you sincerely-Consider this for example: 

The millions that have died of cancer caused by nuclear testing and radioactive/chemical dumping- according to many government and private studies- year after year, even after the studies made the effects clear, amounts to our US  "regime" using chemical and nuclear weapons against its own people, in a premeditated fashion. Why don't we hear about that on the mass media, yet they resurrect a decade old episode of Iraq-which at that time didn't get the same objection as it is getting now because it fulfills the ulterior motive of attacking Iraq and causing civilian suffering. 

Please do not reply to this if you want to argue or reply with insults about Muhammed or Islam- I invite you to reconsider your position based on knowledge and welcome you to Islam. Inshallah! 


 M. Asadi


Dear Mr. Asadi, 

Please understand that after reading so many of your postings in faithfreedom.org forum and the way you dodge the truth I have little trust in your intellectual honesty and really do not want to engage in any further debates with you. We had a long discussion, and it is there for the world to see. Any fair-minded person can see that you acted with utter intellectual dishonesty. Frankly I do not have time for people of your class. 

Anyway I will answer this email but won’t continue this debate. If you wish, you may continue writing in the forum and perhaps others will have more patience and will respond to you. 

Now in response to your comments, let me tell you that I am not the apologist of the West and I do not deny the crimes committed by non-Muslims. However this is no excuse for the violent teachings of the Quran. The fact is that Quran teaches violence and Muslims are killing innocent human beings because they are inspired by these bloody (and I mean it in a literal sense) verses of the Quran. Would it make any difference if the Bible, the Bagavat Gita or other religious texts were also violent? Does the violence of other so-called religious books mitigate the violence of the Quran? It is like a thief pleading innocence by telling that others steal too. What an absurd mentality is this? Suppose you prove that the mythological Moses also killed a lot of innocent people, would that make the murders and crimes perpetrated by Muhammad acceptable? Suppose you can prove that the non-Muslims have committed genocides and war crimes, would that make the genocides of Muhammad any less horrible? Forgive me but I cannot understand how your brain is structured. I just cannot fathom your “wisdom”. 

We have to take each case separately. The atrocities perpetrated by the white man and the yellow man and the black man are many. Take the example of Nazism, communism, fascism, imperialism and colonialism. Take the example of Japanese atrocities in China, the Chinese brutalities with their own people and in Tibet. Take the example of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Take the example of Ho Chi Mi, Pol Pot, Mao, Think of the crimes of the White man against Native Americans or the Blacks. Think of the holocaust of Armenians in the hands of the Turks, Think of the invasion of India by Nader Shah of Iran. Think of Mongols' barbarities. The history of humanity is written with blood. All of these must be discussed separately and condemned. We cannot condone the crimes perpetrated by the communists because the Nazis were even worse. We cannot close our eyes to the shameless support that the European governments give to the dictatorial regimes in third world countries. We cannot ignore the human right abuses that they overlook, nor the murders that they condone, because all they care for is profit, profit and more profit. I have no sympathy for the governments of England, Spain, Germany, Italy or France because these governments shamelessly make lucrative deals with the brutal regimes such as the Islamic republic of Iran that are murdering their own people. Iranian Mullahs are imprisoning the Iranians, stoning them, hanging them and gauging their eyes. How can the European governments not see that? My blood boils when I see that my people are selling their kidneys to bring some food for their children. My throat aches and tears bobble in my eyes when I hear my people sell their daughters to filthy Arab Sheikhs as sex slaves because their parents have no money to maintain them. All the wealth that belongs to them goes into the pockets of European companies. I want grab Tony Blair by the collar and shout at him: LET MY PEOPLE GO BLAIR! LET MY PEOPLE GO! LET MY PEOPLE GO! 

Yes Mr. Asadi, I see the injustice perpetrated by so-called civilized countries. I know that we Iranians are suffering today because 50 years ago America with the machination of the British nipped in the bud the democracy in Iran because all they cared for was oil, profit and more profit. 

These are all vital issues that we as humanity have to address. There can be no peace without justice. We have to learn to value each other as humans first. We have to see each other as members of one body. You cannot have health in one part of your body when other organs are sick and ailing. I have no fear telling the truth. When I picked up the pen, I knew that this is a war where I could end up with a bullet in my scull. I have put my own life on the table. Do you think I care if Americans or the Europeans are offended by my writings? It is time that we people take the power in our own hands. We must muzzle our governments and demand them to act ethically. The westerners must learn that they cannot have peace at home when their governments support dictatorial regimes abroad. Justice must be for all. People must control their governments not vice versa. People must determine the foreign policies of their countries. People must demand ethical governments. Do not ask your governments for jobs only; ask also for justice. And justice means they cannot make business with despots who murder innocent people in poor countries. This money that your government brings home is blood money. If the European governments continue to have adulterous relationships with dictators and thugs it is up to their people to stop them. 

Once I was having tea with an English friend of mine. I spoke about this issue with him. He listened carefully. Then he picked up a quarter lemon from the saucer, squeezed it slowly in his tea and told me. "Look! This is what are foreign governments to us. We use them as long as we can get the juice out of them. Then we leave them when nothing is left. This is the nature of the beast. You cannot change it. This is the reality". But I disagree. I know that we can change it. That change will come, when we all realize that we are not apart but part of a whole. That whole is Humanity. We cannot survive without each other. Our happiness is in the happiness of all the Humanity. Humanity has had its intellectual renaissance. Now it is time that we have our spiritual renaissance. We have to bring justice to the world, not because it is ethical but because it is the matter of survival. The Humanity cannot survive without justice.     

But all that has nothing to do with the crimes perpetrated by Muhammad and the violence he prescribed in his book. There are many evils afflicting the Humanity. The world is ailing and its anguish is augmenting day by day. We have to find cures for all human ailments. And we will!. Now that we the people, have the power to speak, we can change the world. We can solve all these problems together. We can make this world a paradise. But what is endangering the peace of the world today is Islam. This is the biggest sickness of Humanity. Today millions, if not billions of lives are in danger. Today, Humanity must focus on this major problem. This disease is life threatening. 

If we eliminate Islam and liberate our people from the shackles of ignorance we can kill two birds with one stone. Not only we make this world a safer place for everyone to live, but we can also bring back democracy in our native countries, educate our people not with ignorance and stupid garbage such as those you publish in your sorry website that make any rational human being vomit, but with the right science, with true knowledge that truly benefits them and let them advance in science and technology. We can free our people from the bondage of superstitions and pseudo science. And when they are free, no one can exploit them. No American imperialism, no British colonialism can ever subdue them again, because they will be free. Free from ignorance; free from false beliefs; free from hatemongering beliefs;  “free at last; free at last; free at last". 

Ali Sina 


[email protected] 


In the above response where I mentioned Mr. Asadi's sorry website, I made it hyperlink but it did not work. So he contacted me and wrote:


"Hi Ali Sina

The link you have posted in your reply to my site is wrong- are u 
afraid of people visiting my site?

M. Asadi"


I thanked him for letting me know of the broken link and fixed it. But asked: 

But speaking about fear, what happened to the link you had to our site?

This is how Mr. Asadi responded.  


Tue, 5 Nov 2002 14:10:40 EST

It was removed because the material your "people" were discussing was not of the calibre to point my readers to- if they can come up with something intelligent, maybe I can put it up


Considering the fact that it is to the advantage of Mr.Asadi to show to the world that what we say is not intelligent, this excuse obviously proves the contrary. It is indeed an admission that Mr. Asadi is quite afraid that his readers see what we write in this site and forum. This is music to hour ears to know that even them diehard Islamists are admitting that they are no match to us and to quote himself "are afraid of people visiting" our site. This is exactly the same excuse our other opponent, Mr. Wissam Nasr made when we asked him to make a link to our debate in this site. 

The victory is at sight guys. When the enemy admits the defeat soon the whole world can see the truth. icon_biggrin.gif




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