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Alicia on Islam  

I am a woman who embraced Islam and have found peace ever since. Unfortunately all the things you wrote in your webpage is misinterpretations of islam and the cultural islam you have been forced to live in your own community. There is no verse or tradition of Prophet (pbuh) that states there should be purdah in between men and women, and when it comes to the hijab, it is not just a piece of fabric that covers your head but in its most simple definition dressing in a modest way. I chose to wear hijab, and I don't hate it or feel obliged to it. In fact so many people in my family and friends forced me not to wear it. I can write for pages to answer all your arguments as you realize that all the arguments you present in your webpage has no support. I am not saying that people abuse certain islamic rules and unfortunately most of the so-called islamic countries are very bad representative of what islam is about. Anyways I think you also know all these but you designed this page to suppress the feel of guilt you have indside you.   

And why did I write to you, I think I felt really sorry  that when so many people are embracing Islam, you are doing the opposite just because of your false understandings and to relieve the pressure of religion on you. Hope you come to your senses,  




 Dear  Alicia

I have made several charges against Muhammad and Islam. I promised that if any person can prove me wrong I will remove my site. So instead of making baseless assumptions that I am mistaken, go through my site and try to prove me wrong. This challenge is four years old and has not been met yet. Since you are under the impression that you know the real Islam, then it should be easy for you to meet this challenge and become the hero. Remember that my site receives over 130,000 visitors per month. So it is worth your effort to prove me wrong and make me shut down the site.  

Are you sincere enough to meet this challenge and defend what you think to be the truth?   

Start from here:  

One of the charges I brought against Muhammad is misogyny. Read it and then write back and show why I am wrong. I will post your response and if you manage to prove me wrong I will remove the charge of misogyny. 

If you mange to prove all my charges against Muhammad are wrong I will remove the entire site but first I will publicly acknowledge my errors.  

Is your faith in Islam based on facts? If so you should be able to prove me wrong. You are allowed to get help from anyone you want. So far not a single person has been able to prove me wrong. 1.2 billion Muslims live in this planet and not even one of them has come forth with definitive answer. I have published all the debates I had. You can read them here.  

 As you can see all of these contenders have failed. Are you up to the challenge? If not can you find anyone who can prove me wrong? If not donít you think this is enough proof that Islam is false?  

It is your life, it is your choice. You can follow a psychopath if you wish but at least you should know this man was not a prophet. But donít fool yourself. Either prove me wrong or understand that Islam is a cult of lies and deceits and live a happy life of deception and lies.  


Alicia responded:

When somebody is at your mind-state, i.e. aggressive enough to call people from other religions "psychopath"  and stubborn on his ideas, I don't think there is anyway you will listen to what others say sincerely. I always considered it a waste of time to talk to people who are intolerant and disrespectful towards others so I will save myself some time and won't even bother despite the fact that you will even use this email to make your point that muslims run away and can't disprove you:-). Once again I really feel sorry for you. You didn't only lose the beautiful religion of Islam and the peace it brings but you also lost your moral values.  


Dear Alicia  

You wrote to me saying my web site is misinterpretations of Islam. All I asked you is to point out to one of those misinterpretations.  And what is your response? Your response is that I would not understand anyway and it is not worth your time. Suppose I wonít understand, this site has had over a million visitors in the last 11 months and they have been doubling every year. You should have corrected my misinterpretations at least for the sake of the readers of this site. I invited you to ask someone else do it if you canít.  

You said I have designed this page to suppress the feel of guilt I have inside me. Donít you feel any guilt for not being able to defend logically the faith you claim to be absolute truth? What guilt I could possibly have when not a single Muslim of the 1.2 billion Muslims living is capable to disprove my claim? Why Muslims can only prove the truth of Islam through acts of violence and not a single one of them is able to shut me up refuting what I say?  

What kind of god is this Allah whose truth must be established only through Jihad and acts of terror? There are 1.2 Muslims and thousands of money hungry unscrupulous non-Muslim apologists such as Karen Armstrong, John Esposito and Michael Sells who promote Islam among the unwary and uninformed and not one of these defenders of ďtruthĒ can disprove a single charge I have laid against Muhammad?  

Who do you think you are fooling but yourself? The truth is showing itself like the rising sun. The failure of Islam has become manifest to every seeing person.  

My work with you is done. I sow the seed of doubt in your subconscious. From now on you canít have peace anymore. Youíll go through a tormenting passage of shock, denial, confusion, guilt, disillusion, anger that will eventually take you out of your paradise of ignorance into the world of enlightenment. Youíll try desperately to cling to your faith, but that canít be done anymore. You ate from the forbidden tree of knowledge. I went through that same passage myself. Here is how I made it. Read it because it will take away some of your confusions. It can help you as a road map. You know that you are not alone. All of us apostates went through that passage. For some of us it took longer than others, but we all made it at the end. You will too. 

You think Islam teaches moral values? What moral values? Is stoning victims of rape moral value? Is raping women captured in war moral? Is torturing people moral? Is raiding unarmed people and massacring them moral? Yet all these and more were what Muhammad did. What do you think is morality? Do you think just because you cover your hair you are a moral person? What hair has to do with morality? What baggy cloths and looking ugly have to do with morality?  What you do not understand is that your values are upside down. You can't even distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. 


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