Leaving Islam



In the name of Allah the most merciful the most compassionate  


 Dear Ali ,  

 I like your way of thinking , and your website applys a view and if you want to insult the Religion Islam , then I think the best way for Muslims is to go into a discussion with you to correct your false beliefs about Islam and about your misunderstanding to the religion of Allah as we believe , I dont support that idea which states that your site should be hacked or destroyed or that stuff , because whoever does that he/she will not benifit Islam , on the contrary , they will show to the World that such a religion doesnt stand on strong bases and that is absolutely not true , our religion is standing on very strong bases ,  

 So you are invited , you are invited to an online free chat about showing that Islam wether to be a true religion or a false religion , I would like to make this chat on the mic , and I would like to take your opinion on bringing many people to witness this chat , if you voice your opinion without everyone makes a strong plea against your claims you will have the right to keep your website open and no one can argue with you , but if I prove to you that Islam is a true religion you will have to promise me to close your website completely without re-opening , and finally its our language to argue with the plea , Allah said :  

" O prophet , if you were brittle hearted and treating them toughly they shall avoid you , nay but argue the people of book with the plea so they might listen and say : our LORD and your LORD is one so ye worship "  

 I have knowledge in the Torah , Gospels , Qur'an , and I have made a search for three [3] years about confirming that Mohammed is a true messenger , and I found him written in the Torah (Deut xvii,15) and in the Gospel (Joh,xiv) , and also I believed many of what he stated was true , so what you have might be a misunderstanding of some of the Islam's concepts , I truly admire the open talk , thats why I want to make it with you , and of course I want you to approve me bringing my friends to the chat room so they witness if  I show to you that Islam is a true religion you will close the website , knowing that I'm the one whos responsible if they offsets any of the rules that we will be talking about in the future ,  

 I hope to hear from you soon , and hoping to accept my invitaion ,


Thank you ,  


LoayA.Sharif .


In the name of Reason, the most liberating the most enlightening. 

Dear Loay, 

Please see my challenge in the homepage. I have promised to remove this site should anyone prove me wrong. So of course I accept your challenge. 

However I request we continue our discussion in a forum and not a chat room. The advantage of a forum is that it allows much more people read it even months or years after the discussion is over. Also since we have more times on our hand we can find the references to support our claims and that would make our discussion more scholarly. 


Ali Sina 






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