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 Replying Mr Hasan, the Impugner  

Abul Kasem  

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With unbound rage Mr Hasan (purportedly from London ) impugned me with extreme vituperative (NFB, January 7, 2004 ). In my essay, ĎOn the Making of an Unbeliever (NFB, January 6, 2004 ), I delineated a few aspects of Islamic faith which, when a believer contemplates very deeply, might force him/her to leave Islam. In his extreme diatribe Mr Hasan called me a liar and asked me to show him the proof of some of those Islamic provisions.  

[Readers may read Mr Hasanís response attached at the end of this reply]  

Here is my response on those issues:  


To severe the tie of kinship with the infidel parents and siblings:  

I am quoting from the Holy Qurían a few verses which tell us clearly that a convert to Islam must not be friendly to the immediate blood-relations of him; viz. his parents and siblings.  

Unbelieving father, brothers are not protectors; believers should not be friendly with them... 9:23

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong.  

The believers should not take even their fathers, brothers, or sons as friends if they resist God and Muhammad; these types of believers are the party of God, that is, the believers cannot be friendly with the unbelievers even though they are their blood relations... 58:22

YUSUFALI: Thou wilt not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving those who resist Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their fathers or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred. For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with a spirit from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, to dwell therein (for ever). Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah that will achieve Felicity.


Parents and children are not to obey each other if either party warships other than GodÖ29:8

YUSUFALI: We have enjoined on man kindness to parents: but if they (either of them) strive (to force) thee to join with Me (in worship) anything of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not. Ye have (all) to return to me, and I will tell you (the truth) of all that ye did.

Do not obey parents if they ask you to worship other than God...31:15

YUSUFALI: "But if they strive to make thee join in worship with Me things of which thou hast no knowledge, obey them not; yet bear them company in this life with justice (and consideration), and follow the way of those who turn to me (in love): in the end the return of you all is to Me, and I will tell you the truth (and meaning) of all that ye did."

Here are a few more verses from the Holy Qurían that indirectly tell Muslims to avoid the friendship of infidels even though they could be their closest relatives.


Do not take unbelievers as friends; caution is necessary to befriend the unbelievers... 3:28

YUSUFALI: Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah.

Do not be intimate with the unbelievers; they will hate you and ruin you...3:118

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks: They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin: Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs, if ye have wisdom.

Real friends are God, His apostle (Muhammad) and the fellowship of pious and charitable believers... 5:55

YUSUFALI: Your (real) friends are (no less than) Allah, His Messenger, and the (fellowship of) believers,- those who establish regular prayers and regular charity, and they bow down humbly (in worship).

Donít be friendly with the disbelievers; they are Godís enemies...60:13

YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Turn not (for friendship) to people on whom is the Wrath of Allah, of the Hereafter they are already in despair, just as the Unbelievers are in despair about those (buried) in graves.

Sahih Bukhari  

Love prophet (Muhammad) more than one's parents, children and even mankind...1.2.13, 14

 Sahih Bukhari: Volume 1, Book 2, Number 13:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

"Allah's Apostle said, "By Him in Whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children."  

Killing the children of infidels:  

Here are some ahadith that tell us quite clearly that the killing of women, children and old men of infidels are permitted in Islam.  

Muhammad approved the killing of women and children of the pagans because they (the children) are from themÖ4.52.256

 Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 52, Number 256:

Narrated As-Sab bin Jaththama:

The Prophet passed by me at a place called Al-Abwa or Waddan, and was asked whether it was permissible to attack the pagan warriors at night with the probability of exposing their women and children to danger. The Prophet replied, "They (i.e. women and children) are from them (i.e. pagans)." I also heard the Prophet saying, "The institution of Hima is invalid except for Allah and His Apostle."

Sahih Muslim

During the night of raids the women and children of the polytheists can be killed Ö19. 4322

 Book 019, Number 4322:

It is narrated by Sa'b b. Jaththama that he said (to the Holy Prophet): Messenger of Allah, we kill the children of the polytheists during the night raids. He said: They are from them.  

In his writing Mr Hasan has used intense malicious language and made incessant personal attack on me. It is therefore, not worth to reply the rest of his diatribe.  

Abul Kasem  


Response to on the making of an Unbeliever  


Friday January 07 2005 13:50:39 PM BDT

HASAN from UK  

Mr Abul Kasem

Now now, what do we have here indeed. Lets seeÖ hmm itís a postingÖ a posting in which you thought would inspire many of us misguided "fundamentalist" to become non believers in a god. A mail in which you thought would show the rest of us that we have a right to be embarrased of our heritage and religonÖ hmm... Why donít we have a look at what you saidÖ.

You start your mail by talking about the Biswa Ijtemain Bangladesh . Yet you ignore the fact that these countries are corrupt mainly by the secular leaders. Crime at the majority of the time is commited by disbelivers in an afterlife or people who have no morals or those who do not think that they will be judged. You therefore have shown that in these least developed muslim countries itís the bad people who are on top not the good.

You then claim Arabic is the language of Allah. As far as im aware Allah knows all languages and every thing that is in existence. Arabic for your information is not the languague of Allah it was the language of the arabs.

And of course infidels are going to have it better its because this is there paradise. However your forgetting the blessing of the entire muslim world Allah has bestowed on them, in the example of providing them with oil, gas plentiful of natural resources which many countries lack. Had the muslim ummah followed the religon properly, poverty would not exist in the muslim world, had they followed the law of God properly we woud be under the khillafa and it would be the most powerful force on earth. This is what America and the rest of the non believers or so called anti islamic named muslims fear.

They fear that the islamic state concept will distrupt Americas and the west influence on the world and are therefore using the likes of you and everything else to thrawth it. Obviously people fighting for the islamic revolution to come back understand this, and areÖ... But hold on I shall stop this sentence here as I know this may cause you and others on this board many sleepless nights, so I will Shsssssssh here and not disrupt your sleep!.

You then go on to talk about floods. Hmm but when a country is corrupt such as bangladesh is not surprising for floods to take people away. If the country was an proper established islamic nation, we would not have the corruption problems we face today and would be able to deal with these natural disaster matters. But then again I doubt you would ever understand this, as your knowledge on islam from what I read in your mail is quite poor. But then again the problem is you may not understand how if a person drowns he is considered as shaheed. Obviously because you cling onto this life so much your concept of dieing is a scary one!.

You may think that individual who has drowned is at a loss yet in Islam he/she has gained a wonderful life. For example he/she may not have the chance of being misguided by those corrupt mullahs or by the likes of you and other secularist. He/she has escaped the problems of life and is at a better place. Maybe this is something you will never get but hey I cant blame you. You seemed persecuted and a non believer in a god. Yet the way the world has been created may have never entered your head and just like in the belief of God may seem ridicolous by you, so does the scientific theories on the creation of mandkind and the universe.

You talk about Iran the shia nation. If the two cases are true then surely itís the so called "mullahs" who did this injustice will also face simillar punishment in the afterlife. Oh but then you may not believe in that, you may think you will come back recarnated into an rat. So I better not scare you any furtherÖ.as london has a huge rat population, they say theres 2 rats per person in the country, I shall be kind to not step on them when travelling on the underground.

You then go on to talk about killing children is in Islam. Please PROOVE your lie. Children and women are protected in JIHAD. What happened in BESLAN was terrorism. In fact the true story of that disaster would never be known. The fact that you think such is possible by Islam shows how closed your mind is and how immature your mentality is. I think you been brainwashed.

Quite interesting on your claims of tablique jamat. Although I do not follow tablique beliefs, I do have to say you have again fabricated a lie where you talk about them sanctioning the Dar ul Harb concept. I know for a fact they donít. Maybe the people you know were messed up. Maybe you attract those type of people because of your own nature. Maybe you seek these types of people because you yourself have never seeked the truth and have placed yourself amongst these people.

Maybe you have the problem? Ever thought of that? I mean quite tragic that you have been persecuted in believing these thai girls were allowed for pleasure. I am trynig to think, on this trip was were you gay at any point? Cause boy if I didnít believe in a god id go for a thai massage as well!! I hear they are quite umm interestingÖ. Bit strange how you kept away from that stuffÖ Boy you must have been gay or have some will power!... You see I donít understand how you can consider a person is practising Islam if they have sex in brothels.
Quite confusing mind you have there.

You then go on about being ashamed of telling someone you cant drink. Maybe your next thing is that you should be ashamed of being a bengali because your regarded as the "miskeen" by the rest of the world. Maybe your future generation will be white skinned helped by you marrying a white girl so you donít have to have your brown skin interferring with your embarrasement of what you were born. Maybe you have a problem with your whole origin and hate being who you are. Maybe you just cant handle what you are and feel inferior to the super white race. And maybe your ashamed as you have no guts to stick up for a belief that you may have had. Hmm sounds a bit like the Hitler propaganda here.

You then talk about terrorism in iraq , and how these terrorist are killing people. Because you havent got a white skin and you have a muslim name you then talk about how you try to hide your face from your neighbours because you donít like the way you was born. Because of your cowardness to stand up against these terrorist in the name of Islam, you rather hide away and say im not a muslim because I am being judged for the action of others. But maybe if thatís the case then itís a problem with the others and not yourself. Maybe they should be aware that muslims do not believe in this and that those acts are as barbaric as the pilot dropping a bomb on a mosque or a school where many children and women are blown apart! Maybe when your in that situation and your mum, your dad your siblings and even children are taken away you can sit there and say, O America, How I love you america!...

You then again fabricate lies, by saying how a muslim son has to disown his parents. Ermm right, so all the reverts to Islam in the world disown their parents do they? Quite interesting lie you have said, considering that the non muslim parents still have rights on a muslim son. The muslim son still has to RESPECT his parents and as long as they donít force him to do haraam, such as forcing him to drink. Regardless of how they are the muslim son still has to be kind to them .You then talk about the Hujur beating the student. Yes well obviously in developing countries this will occur. Solution is education that this practice should be abolished. But hold on!!! The country is corrupt!!! How do we get the message across!.

The people who are on the top and who donít believe in Islam are too busy filling their own pockets! They donít have time for the country do they? They donít have time to educate the masses to they, nah instead they have time to sing amar sonar bangla! Thatís ok! As long as that happens we bangladeshis are alright, wouldnít be surprised if the next statement is Jai Hind.

You then talk about the arabic name. Well bengali names have moved a bit from arabic name as we donít have their system practiced in bangladesh im sure your not the "bin" or "ibn" of your fathers name. In fact we are following the western surname concept so this prooves you wrong again.

You seem upset of the toilet habits as well and the hygiene, of course your western friends who donít wash their hands in the toilet or wipe the A$$ are much cleaner than us. But of course they just contract sexual diseases, typhoid and other stuff much less donít they?. But maybe you donít like the cleaniness of the religion. Maybe you like to be dirty or your into smelling your own production because the western clean white skin makes up for all the dirt. Maybe its psychological problem with your skin colour, you feel being brown means being dirty so being white and dirty seems better?

You talk about the workers sent there to work in the streets of arabia. Talk to the companies who send them there exploiting many of these workers. Talk to the bengali uncles living it large in bangladesh on these poor souls working in these corrupt regimes. Blame our dynastical families for being so corrupt and not putting their foot down on their abuses. Just like every bengali, money rules, these arabs pay them off and they shutup. Ever thought why the pakistnis are now being treated better in the arab states?.

You again talk about your inferiority complex of being brown the tragic brown colour, or shall I say the stuff that comes out of your backside. You talk abot people considering arabs superior to you, even though Islam says everyone is equal. Because of your own messed up mind and inferiority complex you then question your faith due to your own misunderstanding of race and due to your love of the white colour.

I would say a person with this type of life seems quite tragic. I think you yourself have been trully tramatised. I can see that you have lied quite a bit on the religon. Tut.. Tut.. naughty naughty. I think you need help from a shrink. It seems you have not just a problem of your religion you was so wickedly born into (blame your parents, id say) but also your skin colour.

Hey michael Jackson did the full shabang, why donít you just become a rich doctor and do the same!

Maybe then you can rid yourself of your bengaliness and I wouldnít have had to waste my precious time responding to your joke

Of course there is another solution. You may try taking some pills, and go to the other side. I am sure then your questions and doubts will all go awayÖ

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, people are also able to respond

(currently gonna go and enjoy some Halal Lunch in a "dingy" restaurant)







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