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Subject: [IslamOpenForum] Here are some of the Muslim victims of genocide throughout history

 Here are some of the Muslim victims of genocide throughout history Compiled By The Canadian Islamic Congress

 1. All 70,000 inhabitants of Jerusalem, mostly Muslims, were massacred by the European Crusaders on July 15, 1099, "the blood was ankle-deep".

 2. After the massacre of Antioch by the European Crusaders in June 1098 "no Muslims was alive". Massacres of Muslims happen also in Asklan (1099), Aka (1104), Antioch (1098), Beruit (1110) and Tropolie (1102).

 3. During the Inquisition, in Spain and Portugal the choice for Muslims were to "leave, convert or be burnt at the stake". The decree was only suppressed on July 15, 1834 after all Muslims were killed or left. Massacres of Muslims happened in Toledo (1085), Lisbon (1147), Cordoba (1236), Seville (1248), Maria (1266) and Granada (1492), "Promises of religious toleration were not kept".

 4. The Mongols slaughtered millions of Muslims (1219-1260) in India, Persia, Iraq and central Asia including the Abbasia Caliph and his officials. The sack of Baghdad (Feb. 13, 1258) and the massacred of its population lasted more than 17 days and an estimated two million Muslims were massacred in Baghdad alone.

 5. In Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya (1992-present) over than 200,000 Muslims were massacred and over 1.5 million Muslims were wounded, become homeless or exiled. Over 50,000 Muslim women and girls were raped.

 6. Some 15 million Africans were taken as slaves to the Americans. More than half were Muslims. More than 3 million perished at sea, more than half were Muslims.  

7. Following Deir Yassin massacre, Palestine, April 9-10, 1948, where 250 were killed by armed Jewish settlers, 100's of thousands left their homes in fear. Today there are over 3 million Palestinians refuges and exiles.

 8. Israeli Lieutenant Dunhan reported to the command officer, after the October 29, 1956 massacre of Kafr Qasem, where 43 were shot by the army, "minus 15 Arabs ... it is difficult to count ... "

 9. During September 15-18, 1982, Israeli-backed Phalagist militia massacred an estimated 50,000 Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon.

 10. During 1932-1957, at Russia's Arctic Vorkuta concentration camps a total of 6 million died, more than one third were Muslims.

 11. On February 25, 1994 a Jewish settler shot dead in cold blood 60 Muslim worshipers at the Ibrahimi mosque, Hebron. Thirty more died when they demonstrated against the massacre.

 12. On March 16, 1988, the Kurdish town of Halabja (population 45,000), Iraq, was bombarded with chemical weapons. An estimated 5,000 died and 1,000's seriously wounded.

 13. For the last 8 years, the entire population of Iraq has been subjected to brutal sanctions. As a result over 1 million died including 575,000 children.

 14. Several thousand Muslims were massacred in Philippines, Kashmir and Thailand (1970's-present).

 15. On April 18, 1996, over 100 Muslims were massacred in the UN compound in Qana, Lebanon by the Israeli army.

 16. Millions of Muslims civilians were massacred by the imperial powers of Europe in Africa and Asia (1500's to 1900's).

 17. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were massacred during and prior to the partition of India in the 1940's.

 18. Thousands of Muslim civilians were victims of Israeli bombings and shelling in South Lebanon for the last 26 years. Hundreds of thousands were displaced.


In the past all nations have committed atrocities and crimes. Muslims became victims but also they were the major victimizers. Read the history of the conquests of Islam. In my own country Iran the Muslims murdered millions and enslaved millions. 

Please wake up and do not live in the past. Look around yourself TODAY. Today the Muslims are the main perpetrators of crimes everywhere. All news of terrorism is from Islamic fronts. All the other nations have learned to leave aside their religious bigotry, have embraced humanism and secularism except Muslims who decline to part form the 7th century mindset. 

You remember and mention the war in Kosovo and Bosnia but conveniently or blindly do not see that the “Christian” world joined force to subdue Yugoslavia, another Christian country, to liberate the Muslims. Would Muslims have given any support to a Christian, Jewish, or Hindu country if a Muslim country oppressed it? Of course not! The lives of non-Muslims for Muslims are worth nothing. Their right is non-existent. They must be subdued and killed. This is what the Quran teaches. This is what the Prophet did and said. 

You read the history but only parts of it that supports your biased and hateful way of thinking. Why don’t you read the whole history to see what Muslims did to non-Muslims in Medina, Kheybar Yeman, Iran, Syria, India, Spain, Sudan and are still doing in Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, (up until a month ago) Afghanistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Iran, East Timor, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, and in every other country where Muslims have penetrated including in USA?  

TODAY no other group is oppressing people of other religions except Muslims. TODAY Muslims are the only religious group that is killing people for religious purposes. TODAY Muslims are the only group that insists to conquer the world and impose a religious rule on the entire humanity. TODAY Muslims are the only people who are willing to destroy the world with atomic bombs to prove that their sadistic Allah is powerful. 

All other religions, despite their bloody past are now only concerned with personal piety and spiritual development of their followers. Some of them also get involved in works of charity like Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, etc. But Muslims are the only group that still thinks of Jihad, and expansion of their religion through violent means. Muslims are the only group that believes their god has given them the mission to kill those who reject him. Muslims are the only group that still endeavors to impose the antiquated misogynistic laws of their “holy” book. And Muslims are the only group that has not apologized for the crimes of their past and keeps committing those crimes even today. 


Ali Sina 






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