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Question from Sophie 

Hi My name is Sophie and i'm a muslim.I 'm not a fanatic...I consider myself rational enough to pick out the positive things in the quran..

Dear Sophie,  

a) Why a book purported to be from God should have bad things at all?  (Think about this if you can think at all)

b) If you are rational enough to pick the positive things you must know more than the author of the Quran. Why would you need to follow that book at all?  (This is an important question. Ponder on it please. If you find the answer to this question alone, you will leave Islam at once)    


However when you mention that all muslims are stupid I feel very insulted.. human response and am sure so do other muslims  who are rational enough to practice the good preached in the quran.

“All Muslims are stupid” is very simplistic. Certainly Muslims are just as smart as anyone else. However brain is compartmentized. The portion of the brain that deals with beliefs is not the same that deals with mathematics or logics. Often believers are very rational when it comes to analyze other beliefs but when they start analyzing their own faith there is something that blocks their rational ability. For example, as s Muslim you have no trouble dismissing the absurd beliefs of Hindus or Christians but when it comes to the absurdities of Islam, such as splitting the moon, Muhammad riding on a pony and traveling across the seven heavens, producing water from in between his fingers or conversing with Jinns, you become completely helpless and can't be rational.  

So it would be a mistake to say that you are stupid, because your brain certainly works fine. However you subconsciously block the normal function of the part of your brain that deals with the critical analysis of your own beliefs.  

It would be an interesting study to find out what is it that impedes us humans to be objective when it comes to our core beliefs.  

An analogous study has been done on brain and it has been demonstrated that the Democrats and the Republicans respond differently to the same stimuli. See this  

For example the Democrats tend to be more forgiving of their candidate's errors while similar mistakes committed by the opposing candidate elicits a much harsher reaction and vice versa.  Religion is even more important for us and the same study would certainly show similar results.  

Therefore believers are genuinely handicapped. They technically are unable to see the flaws of their faith. The stronger is the faith, the bigger is this handicap. And since Muslims are the most fanatical religious group, they are the most handicapped people. But do not feel too bad, all religious people, in fact all believers, even those who believe in materialism or atheism are just as handicapped as you. The solution is to leave the belief and learn to doubt. But that is easier said than done. To learn to doubt, you have to doubt everything, even the existence of God, even the existence of this world the way you see it. And then like Descartes start from scratch.

If you do that, if the world did that, we all shall see that none of the things that we believe make sense anymore. I went through that rout. I shattered all my beliefs and I know it is not easy. I still have some beliefs that are not based on any fact but they are still lingering in my subconscious. One of those irrational beliefs of mine is that by showing the truth to the Muslims eventually they will start seeing the light and will leave this stupid cult. But the brainwashing is so intense that nothing short of a catastrophe can bring them to their senses. We Iranians experienced that catastrophe and now a great number of us have left Islam and the rest are leaving it fast. The rest of the Muslims are a few decades behind. They need to go through the same kind of suffering to wake up.   

So let me put it this way. You are not stupid clinically, but by believing in Islam you let yourself to become stupid. 

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