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No Freedom of Religion for Muslims

A debate with Shahid Khan 

No Freedom of Religion for Muslims

Dear Ali Sina (I think that’s your name)  

You clearly get some kind of thrill by insulting a person who’s been dead for over 1400 years. It’s very hard for me to feel hatred for a person who’s been dead a long time. Try as I do I can’t even feel that as much hatred for Hitler and he killed over 6 million people. I don’t know how many people the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) killed but I am quite sure it wasn’t that many – still that simple fact doesn’t stop you equating him with Hitler. 

Dear Shahid Khan. You are mistaken. I do not hate Muhammad. I am not interested to incite hate against a dead man. However the followers of this man are filled with hatred of living and they are killing innocent people. We have to stop that. What do you propose we should do? Isn’t it better to show them that this man whom they blindly follow was an impostor? Or do you suggest we kill them? Obviously they do not want to live with the rest of mankind in peace. As you see they are murdering innocent people and have no mercy even on children. How can we stop this madness? There are two possible ways to stop this insanity. One is to kill the followers of Muhammad and the other is to awaken them and make them see he was an impostor and a liar and this Jihad that they are waging is insanity.  Which one you prefer? Can you suggest a third option? I prefer the awakening of the Muslims. If we fail to do that the hatred that the benighted followers of this psychopath cult leader harbor in their hearts will explode in a major disaster and millions or billions could perish. Do you see now why it is so important to stop this insanity?  

You’re also a moral absolutist and you insist on judging people and their actions in the past on the basis of today’s standards. 

Even based on the past standards what Muhammad did was inhumane and unjust. We had many just rulers and wise sages before Muhammad. More than a thousand years before him Cyrus, the King of Persia wrote the first charter of Human Rights where he gave freedom of belief and equality to all the nations subject to his rule. He wrote:  

I am Kourosh (Cyrus), great king,…Now that I put the crown of the kingdom of Iran, Babylon, and the nations of the four directions on the head with the help of Ahura, I announce that I will respect the traditions, customs and religions of the nations of my empire and never let any of my governors and subordinates look down on or insult them while I am alive. I will impose my monarchy on no nation. Each is free to accept it, and if any one of them rejects it, I never resolve on war to reign. While I am the king…I will never let anyone oppress others,I will never let anyone take possession of movable and landed properties of the others by force or without compensation. While I am alive, I will prevent unpaid, forced labour. Today, I announce that everyone is free to choose a religion.…No one could be penalised for his or her relatives' faults…

So as you see in the past all the people were not savages. Even in Arabia , prior to Muhammad, the Arabs were tolerant people. Religious intolerance and religious wars were unknown in that country before Muhammad. Jews, Christians, Sabeans, Zoroastrians, and a multitude of pagan faiths lived together side by side, Intermingled and intermarried. Arabs were as tolerant as Hindus. It is unbelievable how Muhammad filled these people with so much religious bigotry and hatred. It is also unbelievable that the same Iranians who followed the above charter now influenced by Muhammad, stone women to death.

Moreover, the problem is that this ruthless man is the role model of a billion plus people. What he did is history. We are concerned about what his followers are doing today.


It may well be the case that followers of the Prophet killed prisoners of war. Today we call that kind of behaviour a war crime, in the past it was completely acceptable and normal everywhere in the world. For example in Ireland when Oliver Cromwell defeated Irish rebels his soldiers slaughtered every man, woman and child. He is widely condemned today as a butcher, his apologists insist he did nothing unusual and this was ordinary practice. I don’t know whether the charges against the Prophet stand up to scrutiny BUT if they did they would not make any worse than others of his days. During the first Crusade, the Crusaders on countless occasions slaughtered every man, woman and child after defeating Muslim armies (in actual fact on one occasion they slaughtered a group of Christians, mistaking them for Muslims). Bad though that is, I wouldn’t label them ‘war criminals’ – this is a 20th century concept that had no relevance at the time. 


Oliver Cromwell, was not a prophet and no one is holding him as a perfect example to be followed by all the people for all the times. Muhammad on the other hand made his Allah to praise him saying: "And surely thou hast sublime morals" (68:4), “Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you have a good example to follow" (33:21) or that he is a “Mercy for all creation” (21:107)  He was obviously none of the above. But since his benighted followers insist following his examples, the crimes that he committed are being repeated up to this day and innocent people are being victimized as we speak.    

My interest in denouncing Islam and Muhammad is not for historic accuracy but rather for changing the future. To make this world a better place, to remove hate and to stop insanity.  

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