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Responding to Rubina Ansari

By Ali Sina 


I read your comments on Islam and the Prophet (PBUH) and the followers of Islam. You have done a remarkably well job .... and as the Satan has followers so are you and they might be growing in numbers.  

First of all I donít have followers. In fact I think following is for sheep not for humans. Secondly why not think of Muhammad as Satan? Certainly my conducts are not satanic. I never killed anyone, never looted, never raped, never had sexual feelings for children, never committed genocide, never enslaved free people, and never did lots of other despicable and shameful things that Muhammad did. So by all accounts Muhammadís deeds were satanic, mine are not. At most, I could be qualified as mistaken. That is not a crime. Now if I am mistaken, here is your chance to prove me wrong. I have offered to remove this site if anyone can prove my charges against Muhammad are wrong, apologize publicly and give him/her/them $50,000 dollars in rewards. Are you up to the challenge?


You have the freedom of speech and you can say what you want. 

The reason I have this freedom of speech is because I live in a non-Islamic country. This site is banned in most Islamic countries. That much for freedom of speech. Can anyone speak out his mind in any Islamic country or in front of Muslims even in non-Muslim countries? 

But I have a few questions to ask you....  Why donít you come in pubic..... you fear Muslims I guess? If you have the courage to talk of Islam in such a fashion, then have the courage to do it openly. Want to hide your face behind the Internet??? 

I donít show my face in public because I am not stupid. Poor Theo Van Gogh, did not know the depth of evil with which he was dealing. I know! He was stabbed to death. I have the courage to tell the truth but I don't walk into the den of snakes and scorpions. I donít call that courage. I call it stupidity.   


You are using your website to use it against Islam (and no other religion!!), May be because you justify the others.   

Yes I see nothing wrong in other religions. As long as they do not advocate killing and terrorism, they are legitimate religions. If they are logically wrong, it is their business. If they start telling their followers slay the unbelievers and let them find harshness in you, then I will write against them too. I want to live in a world where everybody gets along with everybody else and all people are friendly and good to each other. I have great friends both online and offline who are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Daoists, atheists and pagans. I love them and I think the feeling is mutual. I donít have to agree with their ideologies but that does not mean we canít be great friends. Islam is the only religion that  teaches hate, disunity and divides mankind into MuslimsĖKafirs. 


Well!! You are not the only one to do this and you are not the last .....!! 

You got that right lady.  Prepare yourself to see the whole mankind rising against your evil cult.


When quoted that Islam is the fastest growing religion... you refuse to the statement saying you want facts.... The same can be asked of you..... Who knows ... You might be paid to malign Islam.... The facts that you give may be wrong... The mails that you show saying that many have left Islam might have been put by you....... You might never have been a Muslim at all.... You may be just a bunch of Americans who have been put there to criticise Islam.....  

Okay, let us say I am paid to malign Islam, can you prove my charges against Muhammad to be wrong? It really does not matter who I am, all you have to do is prove these charges are wrong. You say "the facts that I give may be wrong". Okay show which part is wrong and I will remove it. I am not telling you ďbelieve me or elseĒ like Muhammad did. I am proving my case with facts that you and no other person can refute. You do not ask for any proof from the charlatan Muhammad and despite the fact that his claims are ridiculous and outlandish you believe in him and follow him. What proof you have that he was telling the truth? How do you know he was not lying to make stupid people wage war for him and make him the absolute ruler?  I am not asking you to believe in me or follow me, or kill anyone for me. All I am asking is prove me wrong. It does not matter who I am. Just prove me wrong. But all you do is shoot the messenger. You doubt my credentials when I made no claims and my credentials are irrelevant. I say nothing strange and out of ordinary like a horsy came and took me to the seventh heaven and all the prophets who were dead centuries ago bowed in front of me. Or I visited the town of Jinns and all of them became my followers. Or I split the moon and sent each part of it to a different side of a mountain. Or other crazy things like these, which Muhammad said. You believe in Muhammad with all the stupidities that he said and want no proof. Yet when I present facts and do not ask you to follow me but live freely, you cast doubt on me. Muhammad benefited immensely from his lies and you believe in him. What benefit I get if you become a free person and don't follow this Satan? Where is your brain? Why you use two different standards? Why don't you put Muhammad and me under the same scrutiny?  Why you are so cautious about me who never made any claim and are so gullible in accepting a charlatan who made such outlandish claims as God consulting him in the Day of Judgment, about who should be sent to paradise and who should be sent to hell? Now, isn't that crazy? Why an all knowing God needs to consult a man for things that he knows best? Don't you see how this charlatan took you people for a ride? He committed all sorts of crimes and stole the wealth of thousands of people, sleeping with women whose husbands he had murdered and even fornicating with a little child! Why don't you check Muhammad's credentials with the same meticulousness that you check mine? Why? Why damn it? Why you just want to be stupid when it come to Muhammad? Why, for the sake of heavens? Why? 


You talk of writing to Zakir naik... at his domain zakirnaik.... while his domain is IRF.net.... If you have done that why dont you meet him directly and ask for a debate..... Why donít you use the media and invite him for a debate... Or you are afraid that you will lose.... 

Scholarly debates are not done verbally. They are always done in written format. This is not a political debate, where personality and charisma are also important and hence a face to face debate is necessary. I am not running for any office. I donít care seeing this gentleman face to face and putting my life in peril. I also watched his performance in his debate with Dr. Campbell. He lost the debate on logical grounds but he is a showman. He assumed the nonchalant air of confidence and spoke total gibberish and nonsense. It wasn't at all clear what line of argument he was following. It remained me of a joke that a pilot announces to the passengers, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have a good wind beneath our wings and are going very fast, the bad news is that we are lost". Dr. Naik was going fast too, but to nowhere.  He started babbling and giving numbers as if giving references from the Quran. He said them so fast that no one could understand. So he gave the impression that he knows a lot and can quote from memory hundreds of citations in a breath. All he did was ejaculate tens of numbers one after another rapidly. He never said what exactly those verses say. The foolhardy Muslim audience was roused and started applauding and cheering as he kept reciting these citations. The applauses muffled his voice and he kept the act going and receiving more applause. This is showmanship not scholarly debate. The audience acted as if he was a rock star, not a scholar. They were not listening to what he was saying but were impressed by his style. 

In a scholarly debate he has no chance to play these tricks. He will have to write down the verses and people can check the accuracy of his statements. He knows he canít do that and that is why he is avoiding any written debate. Dr. Naik is not a scholar, he is a showman, an actor. He can impress only the gullible Muslims with theatrics. In a scholarly written debate he will be squashed. Others may be impressed by his showmanship but he knows his debates lack content.  What it takes to have a debate in writing? It is so easy and cost effective and millions can read it at their own pace. He knows that he can't stand a chance in a written debate. I know it too. It is time that his accolades also learn it too. 

My reluctance to debate with him in public is very legitimate. a) it is dangerous to my life, b) scholarly debates are always done in writing where facts do not become casualty to theatrics and c) live debates are expensive and have limited audience. What is his excuse to avoid written debate? Don't try to protect him or make excuses for him. "He does not consider you worthy of debate" is a copout.  Write to him and tell him if you have guts face Sina in a written debate. All he has to do is write a rebuttal to defend his religion. If he knows so much about Islam, it should not take him long to do that. He won't accept. He is not there to defend Islam but to make a name for himself among the foolhardy Muslims. If you have faith in this man, write to him. At least it becomes clear to to you that he is a fake charlatan and not a scholar of Islam. This is his email:  [email protected] 

Zakir Naik is not going to accept, invite someone who is a real scholar not just a showman.


But a handful of you cannot change and will not change millions of Allah's followers... 

You are very mistaken. Truth is very powerful. Light always wins over darkness. Muslims know that and that is why they want to put off this light by killing its bearers. This time they canít because finally technology came to our help and we, the light bearers, can continue to shed light without the danger of being killed. This light will grow and each cold and damn twig that catches fire, illumines others and soon this darkness engulfing wretched Muslims will be defeated. They will be enkindled with the fire of  knowledge and become illumined with the light of truth.  


I can only pity you..... You donít know what is in store for you.... whether we go to hell or heaven will be known on the day of Judgement... but you have chosen Hell here itself.  

This is very foolish. If Islam, or any religion is from God, the proof should be given here in this world not when we die and it is too late.  Didnít Muhammad say he came with clear proof? Where is that proof?  Or was he lying? Any idiot cult leader can make this claim saying, "if you donít believe in me you go to hell". What proof it that? Would you obey a man in plain cloths with no badge or identification claiming to be police? How can we accept someone who claims to be a prophet with no proof? What if this police does very illicit things, like murders innocent people rape their wives, plunder their properties, etc. Would you still believe that he is a real cop? How can you believe in Muhammad who claimed to be a prophet of God, a holy man, an example to follow and then committed the most despicable things? 

Don't you think those who submit to charlatans and don't ask for proof deserver to be pitied?  Don't you pity the followers of Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones or Sun Myun Moon? What is the difference between you Muslims and these brain dead cultists? They have no proof and you have no proof either. They think after they die the proof will be given and so do you. 

What is it that we are going to be judged for in the Day of Judgement? For stupidity? Only the stupid people will pass and go to heaven and the intelligent people who asked questions and wanted proof will go to hell? What kind of god is this Allah that prizes stupid people and condemns to eternal burning smart people? If all it takes to go to paradise is to be stupid and donít ask questions, there are countless other cults and religions that are also based on irrationality. Which one I should choose? Tell me why I should follow Muhammad and not David Koresh? 


Satan said he will make Allah's followers astray till the Last Day... and Allah promised ... The Day will not come till there is even a single person on the world with Iman.

You quote Muhammad as if that criminal had any authority. Who cares what Muhammad, Hitler, Jim Jones or Charles Manson said? Now, could it be that Satan and Allah are the same? What proof we have that it was not Satan who visited Muhammad disguised as Gabriel? Can you prove this ghost whom Muhammad said was brining messages from Allah was not Satan? Of course you canít. But I can prove that whatever Muhammad said was satanic. All I have to do is point to his deeds. Genocide, pedophilia, assassinations, rape, lootingÖ damn it, these are satanic deeds. How much stupidity is enough? Muslims are Satan worshippers. What more proof you need? 


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