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After publishing my letter to Mr. Hamid Entezam I received the following warning from Mr. Ramin Frough.   



"Ramin Frough" <[email protected]


Please remember This


10 Mar 2006 02:12:30 +0000

Mr Sina  

Be carefull...  


Servant of the Dervishes...(just for your information)--

Ramin Frough

German and International Relations

[email protected]



I asked for explanation and Mr. Frough responded as follow:  



Mr Sina  

'explaining' and debating matters to you i will leave to the very simple and naive ones of this religion. those who, as i would assume, are daily threatening you or those who are being unneccessarily nice and polite to you to prove you wrong about them.  

all i can say is that:  

dar nayaabad haaleh pokhteh hich khaam,
pas sokhan kootaah baayad, vassalaam!  

None that is raw understands the state of the ripe:

therefore my words must be brief. Farewell. (Salaam)  

Masnevi of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Book 1, 18th couplet.  

i hope this is sufficient enough.  


Ramin Frough

German and International Relations

[email protected]  




Dear Mr. Ramin Frough, (a.k.a. the  Ripe One)

I am afraid that is not enough. You issued a warning. What was that about?   What should I be careful of? Please explain.

Now that you have ripened, will you please explain to us the raw ones what did you learn? Let us say I am raw and will never understand your lofty state of ripeness and will not be able to fathom the depth of your insight, but you donít write only for me. I am giving you the platform to reach to millions of readers. I assure you many of the readers of FFI are very ripe. Just go through the articles and the discussions taking place in the forum of this site. Youíll soon realize that the people contributing to this site are a head and shoulder above your average Internet surfers. The subject matter in this site is quite ripe and it interests only people endowed with superior intellect. You may disagree with them but you canít question their intelligence and erudition. Donít you think itís a bit arrogant and presumptuous to decry the intelligence of all these people?

Forget me. I am too raw. But I can publish your ripe and enlightening wisdom for the world to read. Think of FFI as an auditorium filled with the best minds and the elite of the society. I am the MC who invites you to take the podium and address this multitude. Who cares if I am too dumb to understand your superior wisdom? Youíll be addressing this audience. Unless you think that everyone but you is raw, which would be an unforgivable display of arrogance, this is your chance to shine and illumine the minds of a huge number of people. If you think that all those who read this site are necessarily raw, then you are amongst them too and this would belie your claim of ripeness.

What say you Mr. Frough? Your morshed (guru) Mr. Entezam did not think we are worth a response. I am afraid some will end up thinking he is a chicken. I can't control what people think. What about you? Are you willing to share with us part of your wisdom?  

Giving light is an attribute of the sun. Sun does not make any distinction between worthy and unworthy. It sheds its light on all things alike. Some objects, like mirror, reflect that light in all its splendor. Other objects reflect back less. How much each object reflects depends on its potentiality. The sun shed its light on all objects equally and shows no preference.  

FFI is read by millions of people. Some of us may not be ripe enough for you. But certainly among this many people there must be a few who are ripe. Your duty is to shed light, i.e. if you have any light to shed, on all. Whether we will be guided or not should not concern you. Are you going to deprive everyone of the truth just because I am raw?  

You and I know that the reason you donít want to waste your precious time explaining your vast wisdom is because I am raw. Hey, even Jesus said donít throw the pearls in front of the pigs. I understand! But others may think you are afraid of me. I am sure you donít want to leave them with that lingering doubt. Of course you are above all those reproaches and are detached from what others may think of you. But here is the reputation of your religious order at stake. People might even come to erroneously conclude that the dervishes, like other Muslims, are cowards when they are challenged in a real intellectual arena.  

If I am raw it is not my fault. It is your fault. You have taken all that light and kept it to yourself hiding it from me and the likes of me. How can we ripen if you keep that light away from us?  How will you face Allah on the day of Judgment for failing to impart his lights?

Come on Mr. Frough. Please explain to us why dervishes are different from other Muslims. Why their Islam is the true Islam? Tell us about your version of Muhammad and your insight to the mysteries of the divine. Tell us about the ďmeatĒ that you have found in the Quran. When I looked into that book I found nothing but dung. What did you find in the Quran that ripened you?  

Do you wand me to ask the readers to flood your mailbox and that of Mr. Entezam with petitions so you have mercy on their souls and tell them part of the secrets of enlightenment? Will you not lead them to the straight path?








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