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Sun, 6 Mar 2005

Dear Ali Sina,
I have read a bit of your responses to Yamin Zakaria who has furnished me with your address.

It may surprise you to hear me say that you have a basis to believe as you do since Muslims by their behaviour have neither endeared themselves nor sought to present their religion peacefully.

While debating has its merits, it proves nothing to either party. Being convinced of our position we neither listen nor are heard by the other. Confessions are seized upon and opportunities taken over trivialities.
I have written a book (The Books of God From Genesis To The Final Testament) which seeks to reconcile the scriptures and many Muslims have protested what they see as unkindness to ourselves. Many Christians have appreciated the frankness of the work.
I shall be extremely grateful if you would kindly agree to read this work critically and if you wish, to respond to it privately or publicly.

If you agree, I shall immediately send you a complimentary e-copy for your personal use which you may print out for ease of reading.
Your early response will be appreciated.



Dear Mr. Rahman,


Although I am overwhelmed with work, which is basically reading and writing, I will be glad to take a look at your book. 


However I also invite you to read my articles that are available in my site and if you think I am mistaken please write a rebuttal that I would gladly publish.


Kind regards


Ali Sina



Dear Ali Sina,

Mon, 7 Mar 2005

As promised, I have visited your site and read the article "A Letter to Mankind".

On the face of it, you seem dedicated to your cause and sincere in your own convictions.

I may or may not address that letter in time. For the moment, permit me to address a bit of the below where you respond to Sister Rheem.

Your pragmatism in pursuing the dismantling of Islam is deliberate and unemotive and were your premises not flawed, may even be deemed admirable.

Your own experience with Islam and your own view of Muslims in general are not universally shared. The reality is that despite the very bad behaviour of a fringe element, Muslims are not as you describe nor is Islam the evil religion you portray it.

And most of all, your assessment of Muhammad is distinctly in the historical micro minority.

If you do indeed believe as you have stated, then you are technically not lying even though what you purvey is malevolently mendacious and weighted with theoretical accusations that cannot be "disproved" to those who are already converted to your views. 

The recitation of a torrent of defamatory propaganda cannot be stemmed by protesting letters which only serve as fuel for further diatribes which I am sure delights you.

Unfortunately, many Muslims though of the view that you are lying will feel badly as you would admit were you not committed to using protests advantageously, and few can disregard an insistently barking dog to use your own _expression. 

To such I would commend your advice since Islam is True : "If Islam is true and if it is from God, no one can extinguish its light and all my efforts will be frustrated." That is my own philosophy.

Few can tell a fraudulent diagnosis designed to disturb. 

We both know that anything can be "proven" with out-of-context quotes but you also know that appeals to authority carry weight to the unsuspecting.
And of course, without an independent panel of adjudicators, no one will ever successfully "refute" you on your own turf.

Your reference to a growing army of apostates is also deliberately misleading as you would admit under other circumstances. That is entirely relative. But compared to the tidal wave of converts to Islam annually in the west and acknowledged by all population stats, how large is your "army" really?

Your assertions again, are not provable, yet you make them. If Allah is not The God, who do you say is?
Your "facts" are not universally agreed.

At the end of the day, your use of scare tactics is amusing. What is the "Clear" Truth, Religion and Deity that you offer to others with mathematical precision?

It is amusing that you speak of your mother so imprecisely. Are you really unaware whether she is aged or dead? And why do you believe that age would stop her profession? Is that for your personal consolation or merely a way to deflect the one you have injured by your agenda?

I am suspicious of your claims of apostasy if you unabashedly can say to a Muslim : "Muhammad is nobody to us." As to your assertions against him, the bar of history disagrees completely unless one read only Evangelical Christoganda. Your "ifs" against him are simply mendacious speculative slanders. And you probably believe that Dante was a Prophet by your placement of Muhammad. Such assertions are merely designed to disturb Muslims and to appeal to detractors. Only the foolish would dignify them with response. Your agenda to demonise The Prophet will bring you appropriate rewards.

How nice of you to be concerned about the extinction of all the Muslims. But let not your heart be troubled on their account. If they are errant as you assert, your god should convert them if you believe in him. Though from a minority of one to 1.2 billion and growing, Somebody up there likes them, I would say, despite their shortcomings.

And if you believed in God, you would also understand that He is in Omnipotent control of every minutiae of detail. Your efforts will neither aid nor obstruct Him. They will simply ensure the destiny He has Written for you.


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