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My response to Mr. Mohammed Alam 


Mr. Ali Sina 

You are the most intelligent person I have ever seen in my whole life. You say "No" to Mohammed "No" to Buddha. So basically you want everyone to worship you?

No dear Mohammed Alam. I assure you that I am not a narcissist and do not have any needs for anyone praising me let alone worshipping me. I find the very notion of worshipping, primitive and silly. Actually I think even following someone else is foolish. The only thing that deserves to be worshiped is the quest for truth and that can be attained by constant doubting. Truth itself is not attainable; it is the quest of it that needs to be pursued. 

Even though you say it sarcastically, let me assure you I am by no means the most intelligent person. In fact sometimes I do the dumbest things. To see the evil of Islam, you don’t have to be the most intelligent person. All you have to do is use commonsense.

I read the comment of Andy Jones and from there I came to a conclusion that you are creating an army of non Muslim to fight with Muslims.

You certainly misunderstood my words. I have no desire to create any army. All I want to do is to make the truth prevail so lives can be saved, terrorism defeated and a nuclear disaster averted. If I am mistaken, prove me wrong. 

I wrote to Andy Jones that all men are created equal. No one is above the other. Each one of us has special talents. Not everyone can become a Mozart, but this does not mean no other person can ever reach him or surpass him. All records can be broken and people can surpass even Buddha who was an ordinary man who became enlightened. I strive to be a Buddha and so should everybody else. It is not befitting for us humans to follow another human no matter how outlandish his claim maybe. The more outlandish is the claim the more bogus it is. We should learn from the wisdom of our sages but not follow them, rather try to surpass them. 

You will be very happy to know that you have almost succeeded. Last night 8 non-Muslim BUTCHERS have beaten my brother and his friends black and blue for only 1 reason "THEY WERE MUSLIM" I think you are converting Muslims by beating  them.

You can rest assured that those who read this site are not the butcher type and if those butcher types read this site there is a chance that they stop being thugs and beating Muslims. This site is created to help Muslims see the light and leave the cult of hate. It by no means arouses the hatred of Muslims in people and needless to say it certainly does not condone violence against Muslims. The reason those thugs beat your brother and his friends, (assuming that they did not cause it; because in most cases Muslims initiate the violence) is that Muslims, inspired by their prophet are acting with savagery everywhere. People everywhere are becoming angry of Muslims because everyday Muslims are bombing and killing innocent people to appease their bloodthirsty deity. The patience of the people is wearing out and it is very natural to react to violence with violence. The dislike and animosity towards the Muslims is on the rise. This is not because of this site that vehemently is against violence, it is because of your terrorist brothers and the approval, justification and rationalization of Muslims of what they do. Three years before 9/11 I started warning people of the dangers of Islam. Few people paid attention then. Your terrorist brothers heightened the interest. It is Muslims' actions that drives people to this site for answers. We are trying to make the world see that Muslims are the victims of a disease called Islam. It is Islam that must be eradicated. Once Islam is demolished and Muslims are freed from this web of lies and hate, you’ll find them to be just as good as anyone else.  

So say who spreads hatred: Mohammed or you?

Of course Muhammad! It is Muhammad who says slay the unbelievers wherever you find them, they are najis, God hates them, they will go to hell and will drink boiling water, slit their throats from above their necks, God wants to punish them with your hands, etc. Do you find anything similar to that in my writings? How can Muslims love those whom they think Allah hates so much? Why they should be kinder to disbelievers than Allah? 

Because of YOU, there will be a very big Hindu-Muslim war in south Asia because you are influencing Hindus to take sword against Muslims.

Those who read my site, if they listen to what I say, will never want to hurt any Muslim. If there is going to be a war it is because of the constant violence of Muslims and not because of what I write. People react to violence and even the Hindus who believe in ahimsa and non-violence have a threshold to their tolerance. There is only so much you Muslims can push. For every action there is a reaction. The more you add to your violence and terrorism, the more people will despise you.  

In Mumbai most peoples have seen your site and now they are trying to stop all loud speakers used for azan. 

What is wrong with that? Why everyone should be subjected to the loud and obnoxious bray of azan? Why you think you have the right to cause noise pollutions and annoy others? Yes Muslims should not be allowed to disturb people with azan. Practice your demonic cult silently. Do Muslims allow a church or a Hindu temple to be built in an Islamic country, let alone ring their bells? So what gives you the right to not only build mosques but also cause noise pollutions with loudspeakers in non-Muslim countries? Do you see how from a victim mode you immediately shift to demanding especial privileges? You are innocent. This is the Islamic way of thinking. You behave in this way almost subconsciously. You are programmed, almost like a zombie. Once you leave Islam, you start seeing things under different light and will see you are not the center of the universe but there are also others who have right and their rights are just as important as yours. As long as you remain a Muslim, this concept remains beyond your ken. You see yourself as the chosen person, the one who is on the right side and others are the misguided and the doomed ones who not only will be burned forever in hell but also have no right to breath on this earth unless they surrender to Muslims,  feel subdued, accept humiliation and dhimmitud.     

Hell awaits you Ali Sina, because you are trying to start a war between Hindus and Muslims. 

If hell awaits me it is none of your damn business. Isn’t this hatemongering that you claim anyone who does not agree with your cult will go to hell? It is despicable that you Muslims advocate hate all the time and are not even aware of it and if someone says what you are doing is wrong, you call him hate monger. These are all signs of narcissism of which you Muslims suffer. You think like your prophet and reflect his psychopathology. I am not advocating hate and war. It is you Muslims who do it and have done it for the last 1400 years. When the Muslims attacked your homeland and massacred millions of your ancestors, they contaminated your brain to hate your own ancestors, despise your own culture, bow to them and worship their savage prophet. Now, you have lost your identity and with that every notion of right and wrong and like a zombie say what they implanted in your brain. I want to empower you to think, to reclaim the honour and the glory of your ancestors, rediscover their wisdom, gentleness and greatness and become human again.  I I am your friend not your enemy and ask nothing in exchange. I am not asking you to wage war for me, raid villagers, loot, massacre and enslave people for me. I am not asking you to bring young girls to me. I am not asking you to believe in me or follow me. I want to set you free so you can live as a full human being, not as a slave but as a free man - think with your own brain, see with your own eyes, and bloom with all your potentials. You can curse my name if that makes you happy. I want nothing from you. All I want is that you become a free man, free from hate, free from bigotry, free from ignorance. That you rediscover your true essence and see the miracle that you are. I want to mine the gem within you.  

I want to tell you that when Indian Hindus went in Pakistan in into-Pak cricket match last year the Pakistanis served those Hindus more than any Iranian or Palestinian Muslim. And Now-a-days The Chief justice Of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN is A Hindu.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan is Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who replaced Justice Nazim Hussain Siddiqui last June. Before Siddiqui Shaikh Riaz Ahmad was the Chief Justice. These are Muslim names. Furthermore in Pakistan there is a Federal Shariat Court consisting of eight Muslim judges, including a Chief Justice appointed by the President. Three of the judges are ulema as the constitution dictates. The Quran prohibits Muslims to take non-believers as awlia (superior, guardian, protector). The Chief of Justice is certainly a wali. Therefore nominating a non-Muslim to a high office is against Islam. 

As for Hindus being treated nicely in Pakistan, I am afraid your information is not accurate also. Hindus have been persecuted systematically in Pakistan and Bangladesh to almost extinction. Here are some hard facts: 

See also this: "The Peshawar Cantonment Board (PCB) has served a notice on the Hindu minority members to vacate houses occupied by them for 130 years in cantonment areas"

And this: 
Discrimination And Persecution: The Plight Of Hindus In Pakistan

And this:

Andy Jones and many other non-Muslims have told you to read Bhagwad-Gita but I want to tell them that first they should read Bhagwad Gita because It says "All Living Creatures Are Your Brothers" and "Kill Sin not The Sinner".

That is precisely what this site intends to do. We want to end this “Kafir vs. Muslim” dichotomy and show all men are brothers. Muhammad said only Muslims are brother to each other and said that non-Muslims are filthy and should not be taken as friends and allies even if they are you own biological brothers and fathers.

We want to kill Islam which is synonymous to ignorance. Socrates said, ignorance is the mother of all sins. We want to free Muslims who are the sinners through their ignorance.

Now interestingly you like the maxim  “Kill the sin not the sinner”. Why then you follow Islam that incites the hatred of non-Muslims? Not believing in Muhammad and his bogus deity is not a sin, but Muhammad says it is and he instructs his followers to punish those who don't believe "with their hands", kill them, humiliate them, rape their wives and loot their belongings. This is sheer evil. Why can’t you see this?   

Now also you have time Mr. Ali Sina. Please stop your planning of third world war, or get ready for a huge bloodshed, which no Muslim wants. You are the Prophet of Doom Mr. Sina 

May Allah/Ishwar/god  Bless You

You Muslims are staging the third world war. If you really don't want war, all you have to do is leave Islam. We are trying to stop this madness. We ex-Muslims see the danger and know the cause of that is Islam. We want to prevent this holocaust from happening. It is we who give hope to the rest of the world reassuring them that Muslims are salvageable and once their blinders are removed they can be as good humans as anyone else. It is we who make the world see the humanity of our people and realize this savagery has nothing to do with being Pakistani, Arab or Iranian. That once we shed Islam, we are as normal as the rest of the people. Don’t hate us because we are Middle Easterners but help us recover from Islam so we could be your friends too. The evil is not in our genes, it is in our beliefs. We can't change our genes but we can dump this nefarious belief. 

On the other hand you Muslims are bringing about the war. Your brothers are killing innocent people every day with dastardly acts of terrorism. They are after nuclear weapons to kill millions of non-Muslims. This is the cause of world war. How you allow Islam to damage your brain to this extent that you are incapable of seeing the plain facts. If your Muslim brothers detonate the atomic bomb and succeed in killing millions of people as they plan, the West will retaliate and all of you brain dead zombies will die. Your terrorist brothers are doing this because they have your support. If you leave Islam and denounce this evil cult, if millions of Muslims leave Islam and rise to say Islam is false and Muhammad was a liar, The Islamic terrorism will end. If this does not make Islam collapse at once it will  make the terrorists and suicide bombers doubt. That is all is needed. They have to start doubting and wonder what if Muhammad lied and there are no whores awaiting them in Paradise when they blow up themselves to kill innocent people? 

Islam is a religion based on hypes and lies. There is no substance to it. It is like a balloon filled with hot air. We have to puncture this inflated balloon and let it deflate or it will explode killing everyone. 

The reason Muslims are so afraid of criticism is because they are aware of the vulnerability of Islam. If Islam is like an inflated balloon, this site is like a needle. Don't be fooled by the mismatch in sizes. Islam is gigantic but it is all hot air. It is all fallacy and hype. We are tiny, but Islam is no match for us. No balloon, no matter how big it maybe, can withstand a needle. Truth is always more powerful than lies. No matter how big a lie maybe, it will succumb to the truth. The darkest of nights cannot eclipse the light of a candle.   

We are fighting to bring sense to Muslims, help them leave this cult of hate and defuse this bomb. Why can’t you leave Islam? Ask your self why you should remain a Muslim, be part of a gigantic terrorist organization, hate others, be stupid, bring hell to this world and go to hell? If this is not satanic what is? If Satan really existed and he wanted to destroy mankind, what better way he could find to do that than sending a narcissist like Muhammad, a ruthless man with no scruples and no conscience, to lie and to deceive people, to rose one part of humanity against the other and to bring about the Armageddon?  He sold his soul to Satan. Satan made him the king but now he is burning in the pit of hell for eternity. Don't join that devilish man in hell.

Why you want to remain a Muslims? Do you think Muhammad was a prophet of God? Prove it! Why all Muslims are so tongue-tied when it comes to proofs? Why you remain nonchalant, disimpassioned and aloof when you are asked for proof? When we ask for proof, you stick your nose in the air and say, “to you your religion, to me mine” and walk away. That is because you have no proof. But then you want to impose your evil cult on others with terrorism. You play the role of victim when we ask for proof but try to convert others through aggression and violence. Questioning the validity of your faith hurts your sensitivity. Yet you think it is your religious duty to wage Jihad kill people in acts of terrorism and impose your damn cult on others. Do you think you’ll go to heaven and will be given countless whores to have orgies with for being stupid or for doing the work of Satan? No damn it. You will go to hell. 

Even the rewards that your satanic prophet promised are devilish. He appeals to your lower animalistic instincts, to your baser self, to your libido and your debauchery. What kind of paradise is this? This is brothel. Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy has already built that kind of paradise on Earth. Is that all your god can do? Is Allah just an omnipotent pimp? How much stupidity is enough? 


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