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Response to Mohammad Shakil 


By Ali Sina

Dear Mr.Sina
I hope you are fine and busy generating new ideas for humiliating Muslims, Abusing Islam and disgracing our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
I really appreciate on the kind of efforts you and your associates are putting for these activities.
A big group is involved. This is really great.

 Dear Mr. Momammad Shakil:

You should be grateful that we are not killing you. This is what you Muslims do to us non-Muslims. I wonder which is more offensive.   


But still you are lacking some innovative ideas, that’s why your strategy is not working.

Who said our strategy is not working? It is working marvels. The truth is that any time we convince a Muslim that Islam is false, we earn an ally and grow exponentially. What could work better than this?


Now why i am writing this. I was going through this website, and I found you have written a book. This is a great effort, you are a great mind, genius, god has given intellect to you. You try to answer Islam with heart and soul. You put your greatest effort, searching for documents, reading a lots of books trying to collect a lots of materials to answer Islam (In a way disgrace this religion). Many a people praise you.

I never said I am a great mind. Disproving Islam is child play. Islam being  utterly stupid and the product of a sick mind is very easy to disprove. Anyone can do that. You don’t need to be a genius or a great mind to see the fallacy of Islam.


Still you are unable to find a few readers, that’s the only reason you are saying “if I will get 5000 readers I will go to a good publisher”. Since last two years you could not get a few readers. So don’t you think you are putting your effort on a lost war.

I don’t know what you mean by “the last two years”. I started my attack on Islam in 1998, first using a yahoo club and then a few free servers. The domain name faithfreedom.org was purchased in 2001 and after growing too big for commercial servers we got our own dedicated server in 2005 and now we host a few other anti Islamic sites. This protects the ex-Muslims' identity and they can run their own site from wherever they are without fearing being discovered and put to death. Today we have over 300,000 visitors per month only in the main English site. Why the 5000 subscription to my book are coming so slow? It is because the great majority of those who read this site are Muslims. They will never buy my book. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. This shows that for the first time Muslims have access to the knowledge that has been denied to them for 1400 years. Now they can read the opposing views on Islam too and make their decision based on knowledge. Of course they, like yourself, get angry reading this site. I used to get angry too if someone spoke against Islam. Nonetheless here they learn things they can’t learn anywhere else. All we want to do is to sow the seeds of doubt in their minds. Eventually they come to see that we are raising questions for which Muslims have no answers. This will create cognitive dissonance in them which eventually would lead them to enlightenment. This is what happened to all of us who left Islam.


Now think about Dan Brown “The author of The Da Vinci Code” or think about J.K.Rowling “The author of Harry Potter”, Both are authors, and they never said “I will go to a publisher if I will get this number of reader. These books are best sellers.
I don’t think they are putting more effort in their work than you. So what did you got after all these things and after two years of mental exercise, when people who praise you, are not willing to buy your book, and in a way you are begging ,”Hey please buy this book.

Each book is different. Harry Potter has a different kind of readership. How do you know that after my book is released it won't become a bestseller too?  This is hard to predict. I have seen excellent manuscripts that remained unpublished or unknown and there are mediocre books that have become bestsellers.  This depends a lot on how the media receives a book. If your book is commented by Oprah, for example, it becomes immediate bestseller. Oprah is not a literary critic. I don’t think she has university degree. She has endorsed books that are utterly stupid, such as A Course in Miracles. I can find a university press to publish my book, but then the price will be much higher and sales would be much lower. If I find 5000 potential buyers, a commercial publisher might become interested. This is not a kind of book many publishers would want to touch. My first literary agent became frightened when I told him he should be careful if he wants to represent me and dropped the whole thing. A commercial publisher can offer the same book at half or a third of the price a university press would. They have better distribution network, have returns policy, which means the bookstores will order the books and display them knowing that if they are not sold they will be able to return them. All this will generate more exposure and more sales.  


Do you know the reason. Dan Brown or J.K.Rowling are not brains who try to abuse others. They write creative things. You can argue on it but, are you a capable person of challenging them? Can you write such things?

My book is a different genre. I am not writing fiction but a book analyzing the causes of Islamic terrorism. Naturally those who are caught in the web of lies of Islam will be offended. They like the world to remain in the dark and truth be suppressed, because only then they will succeed. Muslims are afraid of truth like cockroaches are of light. But once they manage to get themselves rid of that web of lies they will be eternally grateful to me for writing such a book. This site has been a life saver for many and the book will be the same to more people. Once the masses of Muslims see the light and leave Islam they will be able to rebuild their shattered lives and recover from their present miseries. This is a great service to them. The effect of that is far greater that Harry Potter. It transcends generations and will change the course of history.   


No way. That is why you are nothing and they are big things.
You have the same capability but, l see where they are standing, and where you are.

My book and other books like it should be evaluated decades from now. I think they will uproot Islam and this means not only the end of the greatest madness but also the beginning of progress for Muslims (who would be then ex-Muslims). When Islam is no more holding these wretched people back they will advance and progress. Compare India with Pakistan. These two countries are made of the same people. (Actually Pakistan is not even a country. It is a joke. It is a country with no roots. That is why the poor Pakistanis are so miserable, it's because they lack identity.) During the last 57 years, Pakistan has been mostly ruled by dictators and has marched backward both in terms of civil rights and progress. On the other hand India is on its way to become a super power. All the Islamic countries are worse today than they were 30 years ago. If my book and the books written by others that show the fallacy of Islam can awaken the Muslims, it’s like awakening a giant. It is like breaking the chains and fetters from their hands and their feet. By slaying the dragon of Islam Muslims will be free and the renaissance of the Islamic world will begin. Can Harry Potter do that?       


You are unable to find a few readers for your book and you are trying to write against a holy book which is been read and believed by more than a billion persons of this world and which is unchanged since last 1400 years.

First of all something false does not become true just because it is believed by a lot of people. Secondly my book is not yet published, so we don’t know how many people will read it yet. Thirdly the holiness of the Quran is very much in question. Imagine if I manage to prove the book that 1.2 billion people think is holy, is actually hoax. Wouldn’t that be revolutionary? And that is exactly what  I have done. Galileo wrote a booklet claiming the earth revolves around the sun. He went against the sacred belief of the whole world. As it was shown, he was right and everyone else was wrong. Now what I say is not as ground shattering as the claim of Galileo. What I say is commonsense and has been said and proven by others before me. I can’t claim any credit or glory for myself. I am one of many bearers of this light. The light is the light of knowledge and it is accessible to all thinking people.  


I am not trying to fight with you. You stand nowhere why should I waste my time. I simply want to tell you your miserable situation, what you are unable to see.

Could it be that you are the one who is unable to see? Religious prejudices often blind the believer. Is it possible that you are blinded by your faith? If Islam was true, one person would have been able to prove me wrong. I have made the challenge that should anyone prove me wrong I would remove my site and pay him/her $50,000 dollars in reward. Where is that person? All you Muslims do is write to say I am wrong but snob when I say prove it and say you don’t have to prove anything. Eventually the more intelligent among Muslims will see the failure of their intellectuals and will start questioning why. Why 1.2 billion Muslims can't answer one guy? Many have asked that question and have left Islam.  Often these people have gone to their imams and instead of answer they were rebuked for asking impertinent questions. 

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